Tetris creator Alexey Pajitnov talks about his game

The iconic Russian video game Tetris will be brand-new again once Electronic Arts releases its latest varient on the storied puzzle game when it releases for download via PlayStation Network in December. Tetris PSN gets a facelift wit 1080p HD graphics and features three new gameplay modes that are exclusive to the PS3.

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nix2626d ago

best game eva!!! along with Pacman!

Cloudberry2625d ago

Hats off to Alexey Pajitnov.

Tuxmask552625d ago

I still play the original Game Boy one on my Super Gameboy / SNES. I'd play in on the old brick GB but I don't have it anymore. :(

TheSoundDefense2625d ago

Imagine having Tetris in stadiums, with pro Tetris players worshipped the way that Starcraft players are in Korea.

I am currently devoid of Tetris; I must rectify this immediately.

SactoGamer2625d ago

Sadly were Tetris to become a spectator 'sport' and Los Angeles were to have a team, it'd probably leave town after a few season just like the Chargers, Rams and Raiders have all done.

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