Bioshock Explained: The Horror of Randianism

Inspired by utopian and dystopian literature, Bioshock can be seen as more than the RPG-lite horror shooter that is plays so well as, but also as a scathing critique of Ayn Rand's objectivist philosophy. This article will examine the game's argument, as well as criticize the ending for being insufficient and anti-climatic, even inconsistent with the theme of the game, which is that free men are free to pursue great evil, even in a world meant to nurture their creativity.

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TheBigL053R4121d ago

I found this to a fantastic read. It really goes in-depth on the plot of Bioshock.

I'd recommend this read to everyone, its really that intriguing. Hell, with the help of this article, I could write a paper on the plot of Bioshock =D

ASSASSYN 36o4121d ago

Nah! I don't think it is that serious to go deep into game like this if there won't be a sequel.

jay34120d ago

This game, i don't think i'm ever going to figure out the full story! Theres so much detail to it!

bambam19014120d ago

This article is a great summary of one of the best games I've ever played. Just be aware there are major spoilers for those who have not played through the entire game. I'd only read the article if you have completed the game. Great game and great read.