Lair on PSP Remote Play Confirmed

A user has posted screenshots of him playing Lair on the PlayStation Portable in remote play on the Official US PlayStation Boards. Many users where skeptical, but some users tried it out and confirmed that it works.

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clownfacemcgee3916d ago

I read some really bad reviews about Lair, but if that's true... I'll just have to get this game. Remote play would just kick ass.

codeazrael3916d ago

Sony would touted this feature at the top of their lungs to promote the game as well as the psp.

warfed3916d ago

I just tried it out, it works, eat your own words buddy...

MrWonderful3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

im gonna put this to the test when i get home.

edit: this is true!! i called my girlfriend and had her turn on my playstation and i am playing lair at work. the analog stick is on invert so its hard to play. ill post pics and vid when i get off at 8 pm est. if anyone else can do so i recommend doing so toprove this is real.

Edwin19893916d ago

please let us know if it works:)

I have this feeling those pics are just in-game screenshots/movies

Stunt3916d ago

They are most likely real.
Many other people on the forums have tried and it worked.

Ugly American3916d ago

If there is no analog control for the dragon and the PSP does not have motion sensing, how would you play it on your PSP? Am I missing something?

Sashy3916d ago

My firs reaction was: Omg, thats so hardcore next gen!

Its like to good to be true.

But if this really works, I am definitly buying Lair :D

GrooveChampion3916d ago

I mean, unless they are going to release a patch to allow a PSP based control scheme, you can't fully play the game like this. It's a great idea, but without motion controls (or a suitable replacement for the PSP)it's largely novelty. Still damn cool tho.

DrPirate3916d ago

You control the dragon with the analog nub.

The real problem is, there's no R2, L2, so you can't land...

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The story is too old to be commented.

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