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Submitted by trunkswd 1915d ago | article

America's Preorders Chart, 13 November 2010 - Assasin's Creed

"Overview – Four different games are in there final week before launch, with three of them being for multiple platforms. Thirteen games in the top 30 added 10,000 or more pre-orders this week. The top nine games have 100,000 or more pre-orders and the top 21 games have 50,000 or more..." (Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, Nintendo DS, PC, PS3, PSP, Sonic Colors, Wii, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, Xbox 360)

Chuk5  +   1915d ago
Thee gap between the 360 version and ps3 version gets bigger and bigger.
Chuk5  +   1915d ago
It's an effin' sales article
Cyrax_87  +   1915d ago
^it's vgchartz fool.
Chuk5  +   1915d ago
I meant assassin's creed sorry. I forgot that that part lol.
Orochi   1915d ago | Spam
naruto girl  +   1915d ago
lol @ pre-orders Gran turismo 5.


you're pretty pathetic. You seem to be in denial that people in vg chatz numbers, try growing up a little and stop acting like a 5 year old in the playground.
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blasian  +   1915d ago
LBP2 is doing quite well. Ill need to add in my preorder but it will have to wait until ive worn the skin off my fingers playing GT5.
enkeixpress  +   1915d ago
GT5 is on fire!
BiggCMan  +   1915d ago
thats 250k in the u.s alone. would like to see the pre orders for europe and japan as well.
blackburn5  +   1915d ago
i vote to ban all VGC articles from N4G. They are full of it and are very inaccurate. Would love know who is the idiot that keeps approving them.
rrw  +   1915d ago
eeh, xbox fanboy?
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256bit  +   1915d ago
MAJ0R  +   1915d ago
clearelite  +   1915d ago
How would one go about trying to get Vgchartz articles banned. Any suggestions?
//I guess I should preorder GT5. I have a feeling it may be hard to find, even here in the US. I want to play it ASAP, so yeah....See you on PSN (No, I don't like Nascar! lol)

Edit: Hmm.. I just saw omega trolling a PS Move thread a few minutes before this article was posted(lying about sales). I wonder if he is the guy posting/making all these vgcharts articles. That would be hilarious!
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Malicious  +   1915d ago
Nothing is banned on N4G (even if it's fake)
Otherwise all of those HHG articles would've been banned.
Nitrowolf2  +   1915d ago
i think one of the mod here love HHG show that why it isn't banned
Bobby Kotex  +   1915d ago
If there was a 'bury' or downvoting system, perhaps these lame submissions wouldn't last so long on the front page.
Kratos_1986  +   1915d ago
this is why american region FAIL at gaming
a region that has a pre-order numbers of assasin creed game more than a gran turismo !!! LOL what happened to video games this gen ? seriously ?
ThePhuq  +   1915d ago
Americans just have better taste is all.
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Cyrax_87  +   1915d ago
^CoD says hi.
ThePhuq  +   1915d ago
Heh, You act like the rest of the world didnt buy CoD too.
Cyrax_87  +   1915d ago
I didn't say that at all. It's just a well known fact that shooters sell so much in the US.

Halo Reach day 1 in US = 3 million, rest of the world = 1 million.
8thnightvolley  +   1915d ago
ofcourse it will sell more there its pratically the biggest gaming market..and also here in UK pl play cod like hellllllllllllll cant lie to u i am not a big cod fan but seeing blackops u give tryach props they tried..
big_silky  +   1915d ago
driving around in circles isn't everybody's cup of tea. i don't like a.c. but i'd rather stare at a wall than play a driving game.
Orochi   1915d ago | Spam
clearelite  +   1915d ago
WTF lol
You're probably joking(or w/ sarcasm). I didn't even consider preordering the new Assassin's creed and i'm American. I am however, Preordering GT5 on Thursday. Sheeit, I have Assassin's Creed 2 and I haven't played it in like 4 months. Too busy playing Demon's Souls and games w/ Playstation Move <sigh> (
oh, and God of War 3,etc.)

Don't believe the hype!
God, that song was from like 1989 and people still don't understand. haha
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Balt  +   1915d ago
I hate racing. I've never liked GT as a series or any racing game for that matter. With all that said, I've been sold on buying GT5 and have pre-ordered it and got same day delivery on it.

This game will be huge for Sony and I'm glad they got it out before the end of the year. It was important that they did. I look forward to having my opinions changed on the series and racing games as a whole.
ThePhuq  +   1915d ago
Prepare to be disappointed.
adamx  +   1915d ago
he wont be disappointed he said GT5 not Forza pal.
8thnightvolley  +   1915d ago
i guess thats all the hope ps3 fans are on now GT5 without that u have nothing to play exclusive wise.. this year.. awwwwwwwwwwwwww
The_Nameless_One  +   1915d ago
Nice job on the title.
Orochi   1915d ago | Spam
earbus  +   1915d ago
Not getting anymore games this year to many unfinished titles a bit of luck ill get a second hand copy of gt5 there was heaps of returned prologue as ferrari challenge shat on it sony should throw more cash at that series really nice gameplay just terrible graphics top handling .
Simco876  +   1915d ago
There are more Xbox 360s in America so there are going to be more pre-orders for any multiplat in America, its easy to see.

The question is, when are the exclusives for 360 going to be on par with the PS3?

You can't say the cartoon Halo compares...

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