PSU Review: Jeanne d'Arc......7/10

Bottom Line:
Jeanne d'Arc is a great tactical game from Level 5 that is probably going to sneak under the radar of most gamers. With its tight interface, unique character abilities, and underused setting, this game should definitely interest any tactical fans out there.


* + Tried and true tactics system.
* + Good variety of equipment and skills.
* + Interesting take on a legendary story.


* - Nothing excitingly new as far as the tactics genre is concerned.
* - Bobble-headed character models may not appeal to serious players.
* - Small battle groups in most missions.

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Bigmac5733999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

I finished this game and I'd give it at LEAST a 9.0. It's fvcking fantastic, these clowns have no clue what they're reviewing.

EDIT: Do my eyes decieve me, or did they really say one of the cons of this game was the character designs? Lame.

Cloud Strife3999d ago

I agree with u mac this is the best buy that i purchased for my PSP ever!!....9.5 out of 10 in my opinion.

Zhuk3999d ago

7/10, PSU are stupider than I thought, this game is the best thing on PSP