Blu-ray Camp: Microsoft Is Not The Holy Grail

The high definition disc format has a bright future and we can expect "exciting things" to happen in the next few months. That's the message coming out of the Blu-ray camp today after spoke to its chairman Frank Simonis.

He said that while the likes of Bill Gates has predicted the failure of high definition content in general, Blu-ray does in fact have a bright future.

"Microsoft is very bad at making predictions and I think that you can only judge that if the consumer truly has a choice in making use of that application. For standard definition the concept is now slowly coming alive. But high definition is six times more information in the video alone. That's not including the HD 7.1 audio.

"So to download a movie of 25GB over the internet I wish the consumer a lot of success today and hopefully the day after you might have all the content in one form. But with Blu-ray you can buy it all in one go and it's top quality at an affordable price."

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snoop_dizzle4126d ago (Edited 4126d ago )

But with Blu-ray you can buy it all in one go and it's top quality at an affordable price."

and spend a sh!tload of money. An affordable price!? Unless I buy used bluray movies im spending 30 dollars and the same for HDDVD!

I need to be careful not to spend too much on bluray but on games. :(

i need money!

BulletToothtony4126d ago

were also $30 when they came out back around 96... that's the equivalent of like almost $50 right now.. and the players were around $800, so it's not so clever to compare the both

cuco334126d ago

going from VHS to DVD was a huge step. all you really needed was a DVD player and it'll play fine on your inexpensive 19" tv. for HDMs, you require an HDM player, HDTV at least with 720p/1080i, go larger and you need 1080p. thats a ton of $ right off that bat. that's only for video! for audio, you need a good (not crappy home theater in the box) receiever and speakers to enjoy the advantages that HDM brings

realistically, very few homes have the space, money or knowledge to truely take advantage of HDMs and all it has to offer but budget minded enthusiasts can get a good taste for a 'reasonable' price. it costs $ though meanwhile players range from $238 (hd-a2 hd dvd @ amazon) upwards to the $2000+ range and movies from $20-45+. cost on players and movies are similar to when DVD first launch but you require more than just the player and movie

DVDs will still reign and HD DLC can easily make take away huge sales on the HDM (HD DVD & BD) side

nasim4125d ago

a BD movie doesnt cost that much. It costs just a little more than a DVD mvie.

A BD player plays not only BD movies but also DVD movies too.

why would i pay a 200$ for a dvd player/a 350$ for a defective slow DVD player (x360 ) and 200$ for a useless HD DVD addon with no MOVIEs when i can get a ps3,play best games and watch all the blockbuster SONY movies like SPIDERMAN 1,2,3 and CASINO ROYAL and other 007 IPS like PIRATES 1.3,2 and all blockbuster Blue Ray titles of DISNEY

@ others ,people mark his comments as SPAM and OFFENSIVE.

let the bas**** BOT be banned

BLaZiN PRopHeT4125d ago

@nasim what did player do you know that cost 200? you can get a dvd player for 35$. and dvd movies are 20 and under while HDDVD/BLuray movies are 25+.

spiderman movies sucked i hated all 3 and the 3rd one the most. and come on HDDVD has no movies? if so why are so many people buying them on amazon. and dont say amazon doesnt cound because youve posted news talking about how well the ps3 is selling on it.

and HDDVD has transformers/shrek3/the bourne movies/ heros. come on stop being a fanboy for once in ur life.

also i dont support either format i just dont like see the bullsh*t that people like you post.

snoop_dizzle4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

i don't know if you are slow or something but i do buy bluray movies but i am about to be in college so for a college student its tight. and where i go to get bluray movies its 30 dollars including hddvd.

Please if you will tell me where you get bluray movies for cheap i would really like to know.

I know dvds were expensive but for the average joe it is quite expensive. A lot of you have high end setups, and most people cant even afford that.

I don't know about you but i cant just spend money left and right and if some of you can i wish i were you.

nasim you must be one of the stupidest people here. No where in my comment did i say i am pro hddvd, in fact i don't own any hddvd but bluray and standard dvds. in fact i dont play dvds in my 360 i just put it in my ps3.

the only reason why you did say that is becasue you have false preconceived notions about me.

Anyways i should be banned? Uh i am completely following the rules bro. Unlike you who created multiple accounts. Btw did they delete them?

You are the lowest piece of garbage as you said to me on this site and make every fan, fanboy, any gamer on this site look bad. Masking multiple accounts just to get your point across is the lamest sh!t i have seen on this site. Others have but not to the extent you have.

if you want proof that i have a ps3 go ahead and message me, and if you don't well why brag about something you don't have?

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Lord Anubis4126d ago (Edited 4126d ago )

I remember when Microsoft wanted to force blu-ray to use their technology and since they weren't successful, HP started the same proposition back in the early days.

To some point the were successful but perhaps no in the way Microsoft want it to be. Blu-ray remained with Java and that was what ultimately infuriated Microsoft.

BLaZiN PRopHeT4126d ago

movies over XBL are around 5 gigs. i honestly could care less about 7.1 sound i dont have the setup for it. but whatever its all mud slinging

snoop_dizzle4126d ago (Edited 4126d ago )

many people still don't know what 5.1 is.

Sad really. I am hoping to get a 7.1 system.

like a harmon kardon receiver or something.

Thursday4126d ago

I can recommend the Onkyo 605 if you want great 7.1 sound for as little money as possible.

BLaZiN PRopHeT4126d ago


yea i agree. i have a sony 5.1 so im fine with that for alil while.

TheExecutive4126d ago

In my opinion its still better to have a hard copy... that way i can take it anywhere and watch it and i dont have to wait to see it.

sticky doja4125d ago

And let friends borrow it and sell it if I want to. One thing I definatly don't like about downloadable content, no one lets you sell it to someone else.

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