Black Ops Rocket Launch Scene(Multi-player)

During the multi - player game mode there is always some sort of action going on around the players that has to do with the campaign mode story. It really adds a lot action to the fight in some cases if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time it will even take you out. This particular scene was taken from the launch pad map during a Free For All game mode round.

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Hayabusaman2681d ago

I felt the ground shaking and was like WT*

dkblackhawk502681d ago

Such a pain to snipe when its lifting off >.>

scar202681d ago

First time i played domination i was capturing b and it lifted off and i got roasted xDDDD.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2681d ago

Anyone else purposely stand under it the first time and let themselves get toasted? XD

Hitman07692681d ago

this is epic, kool way to enhance the multiplayer kind of like tanks in uncharted 2, it would be kool if it came back down and crashed :P

meiamsome2681d ago

that would be bullocks...

user8586212681d ago

is it just me or are servers down for every1??

Hayabusaman2681d ago

Yea I have it on video trying just trying to start up a game with my party group 45 minutes of life we will never get back then we gave up for the night.

user8586212681d ago

ahryt, hopefully it fixes the lag issues

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