Heavenly Sword gets 4.5/5 from London Free Press

London Press: "Heavenly Sword's characters are so realistic that they inspire feelings"

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N4GayFanturds4040d ago

So some BS penny newspaper rates the game, giving high marks. And this is suppose to impress who.....?

Try going by actual game mags & game sites or at least major news publishers. This may as well be from a blog.

Baba19064040d ago

i still think there are enough reviews that show how great the game is. most are around 7-10, taken points off it, becouse of it beeing to short. it is a great game. and i hope u dont buy it, so u miss the 7 hours of awsome fun and sexy nariko !

i will buy it. loved the demo.

Loudninja4039d ago

Are you mad because it did not egt a low review?

eagle214040d ago

Nariko your story will be told September 12, and plenty of true gamers will play it!

resistance1004040d ago

This will be a top game, shame its a little short, however has had good reviews, and im buying it for the story

xaphanze4040d ago

xbox360 fanboys, I have an idea. Why dont we just wait for the game to be released and see how much it sells?

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