Have you missed out? - The greatest gaming moments may have passed you by

CVG have done a 'best gaming moments' feature before, and it was miles better than any other 'best gaming moments' piece you could have read elsewhere. But it was after a lengthy pub conversation that CVG stumbled across a strange new seam of game moments, so good CVG felt they deserved an article all of their own.

These moments are special, in that their greatness never made any real impact in 'best gaming moments' features the world over. They are forgotten moments, personal moments - moments that you'd tell your friends and family about around a roaring log fire, while you rocked gently back and forth in your chair.

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Caxtus7504119d ago

? was it me or were the majority of pictures from Thief...and in the wrong places??

JunkieXL4118d ago

I recommend all of you to play Condemned, it's awesome, really

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4118d ago

Emerald Weapon was a hard boss, but good thing I got the underwater materia and maxed out all of my characters.

NRG4118d ago

Awesome list. Painkiller specifically. In my opinion, it's a rare combination of a game that falls into purely run and gun, but it's immersing at that same time. Game is far from nextgen now, but it still manages to look pretty damn good after all this time. The picture doesn't do it justice.

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