Independent film distributors flock to support Blu-ray

Such has been the impact of PS3 in Europe, that Blu-ray disc players in all categories (including consumer electronics players, IT systems and games consoles) now account for over 94 per cent of all High Definition players sold in the territory.

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MK_Red4040d ago

Wow, the story has been 30 minutes in pending section and with only one approval has reached 160 so far! Something tells me Blu-ray news is indeed interesting for members of this site ;)

cloud3604040d ago

Some guy sed small fish add up. damn he was right....

and some baste*d sed who cares....

-I didnt read the article

ITR4040d ago

It wasn't even 3 months ago we heard all the indi euro film makers were going to HD DVD?

So which is it?
Are they or aren't they?

Mars Attacker4040d ago

Wasn't there an announcement a while back that the HD DVD cartel was working on 2000+ Indy films to be released on HD DVD within a year? I guess this is Sony's response from their own propaganda machine.

akira4040d ago

Another nail to the HDDVD coffin! I believe its now 200 companies that support BLUERAY DISC compared to around 5 for hddvd. Blueray all the way!!! AAUUU!!!

cdzie14040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

A positive Blu-ray story from a Sony fanboy site. Big suprise.

Bordel_19004040d ago

A stupid comment from a stupid hd-dvd/xbot fanatic. Big surprise.

synetic4040d ago

lol Bordello1900 you deserve bubble for that comment ...

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