PS3 Home Vs. Xbox Live Comparison & Preview

Electronic Gaming Monthly had an article on PlayStation Home in their October 2007 issue. At the end of the article, they had a "Home Improvement" section where the compared it with Xbox Live.

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MK_Red4124d ago

It's really not a fair comparison. Unfair for both:
1.They forgot to consider price. Home being free, Live not being free.
2.Live is a great program while Home is kind of a game / sim.
3.The forgot to consider the interactivity. Home is interactive and fun while Live is a utility.
4.Home is like YouTube and MySpace. Live is like XFire and such.

Rama262854124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

Not to mention their final verdict doesn't go along with their summary:

Personalization - Home Wins
Game Invites - Live Wins
Social Gaming - Home Wins
Chatting - Home Wins
Managing Friends - Live Wins
Media Sharing - Home Wins (Live doesn't even do it)

So that's 4 to 2 in favour of Home, yet they say "Live (barely) wins...for now."

How does that work?

Daytona4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

Live is the only "real" online gaming network, home is still just talk. Live has free demo's and I mean well over a hundred, as well as Movies, Tv shows etc... and these number in the hundreds too. Instant messaging not including the new instant messenger controller that's soon arriving. Xbox Live also has timely free TV shows including special episodes of South park, and others. So yeah, Xbox Live is 49.00 a year, well I'd easily pay alot more than that for it also your paying alot more for the PSN if you do anything on it.

For now, the Xbox Live is like a strong 9 out of 10 and the PSN is a 3 out of 10, so there's no comparison as of yet, Ms is light years ahead.
Try a comparison like say in 2nd quarter of 2008. By then PSN will have home and we the Xbox Live community will have IPTV as well as a few other surprises. It's also great to be watching Disney movies exclusive to LIVE.

RINGOFDEATH4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

And its just the begining of Home,there will be upgrades as time pass,my crib is gonna be PimP OuT ! Can't wait,we can watch movies in Home,chat and talk,play games,share pictures,video's,invite friends over to your house and have a blast .. Next month HOME ..

chitown4124d ago

no joke i honestly think that PSn can be equal to or better than live the way its going. sony is doing a great job best thing is its free!!!!!

Silver3604124d ago

has true skill matching so that you only play people at your level and don't get your butt kicked all the time. It will always be better than Home until Sony comes up with something similar.

DrWan4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

Live may have "quantity of those arcade games", but if you look at the selection for PSN, they are higher quality and we don't get really crappy Wii online arcades those 1980's ports are just sad.

HD stardust and calling all cars are just some examples of nice variations of games on PSN.

If you really want a fair comparison, do not compare Home Vs Xbox Live.

Compare PSN vs Xbox Live, Home is just ONE aspect of PSN, now if you do that, I think PSN wins over Live. There is something genuinely satisfy about folding at home (i dont know what it is, but it's there; maybe just bc i am a man of science and medicine, but alot of other gamers have told me the same thing about [email protected] leave it on..seems boring, but when u are done with those units and scores..u feel good)

Lord Anubis4124d ago

people forget you can play in Home, meet people, share movies music and photos from their hard drives.

More serious gamer can set up their apartment as clan hub with their own images on the walls and launching directly from their apartment. They get tired of playing the same game, they go back straight to the apartment and launch which ever game they want.

DrPirate4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

@1.7, are you really a "man of medicine"?

I'm finishing my Cellular Biology Undergrad Degree and I'm applying for med school soon.

@ Everyone else, Here's the potential I see for home: Meeting a group of people in the Killzone lounge and launching into game. Going to a virtual E3. Hosting special events and tournaments in home squares. Meeting developers who happen to be exploring Home just as we are.

As far as PSN goes, I want only one thing, I don't even care about in-game XMB. When I owned my 360, the ability to voice chat across ALL games (Talking cross single-player games, dashboard-game, private chat in multiplayer games, etc), that constant connection you had to your cousin, or your best friend, even a recently met comrade is such a great feature. I want the PSN to have a constant voice chat that doesn't turn off when you launch a game or a trailer or anything.

reaferfore204123d ago

Yeah ps3 should have came with a bluetooth headset or at least USB. That way everyone would be guaranteed to be able to communicate. I need to go get one for Warhawk. Not being able to talk in that game is HORRENDOUSLY annoying.

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Bloodmask4124d ago

is no comparison. Live is the pinnacle of online gaming. It has a great foundation built over 5 years in the making.

With a bevy of content always updating. Whether it be HD movies, demos, or even Betas. And the first of it's kind for any console XBOX Live Arcade.

Sony will have their day one day but for now it is time to play catch up...

BloodySinner4124d ago

Even when you're being honest, you get 8+ disagrees from anonymous users who don't even explain why. Bubbles for you.

SofaKingReetodded4124d ago

and calling live the "pinnacle" of online gaming is what gets him the disagrees. Live has it's plethora of problems. The abuse reporting system is a joke, and trust me, the demographic that the 360 attracts NEEDS strict monitoring. I'll be able to video chat with a small window of my buddy in the corner of my screen WHILE IM PLAYING A GAME, what is it you do in live?? you have to stop playing and switch over to the console in order to do anything. Live is getting owned just on features alone, and once Home comes out Live will be destroyed.

Zhuk4124d ago

he gets disagrees for telling the truth sadly

beans4124d ago

Actually live has games were you can see your friends and opponents pictures during gameplay without having to leave the game! I don't understand what the big deal is about home or live being better then one another when we should just be glad both companies are taking online seriously!

eLiNeS4124d ago

They can Disagree all they want, but at the end of the day, they know the grass is still greener over here in Xbox Live Land.

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FirstknighT4124d ago

Am I the only one that thinks HOME is a joke??? Own a virtual apartment that you could decorate with virtual curtains and furniture and make it all nice for your virtual girlfriend? Yeah I think that would be great if I was a 40 year old virgin.

Devr4124d ago

"Am I the only one that thinks videogames are a JOKE?!?! You just shoot virtual dudes with virtual weapons with virtual buddies. WTF!!! I think that would be great if I was some 40 year old no-life!"

My point being: Some people think doing that is fun. Not to mention you can do everything that Live offers and more in Home. It's not just decorating your apartment. That's like saying the only feature of Xbox Live is changing your dashboard theme.

jay34124d ago

I think HOME is kind of stupid too.

I mean, i'm sure it's great to talk to people when they have a fake little person there instead of playing a game, but i just don't see it.

No matter how many times i see HOME being presented, i just see it as "Oh, so, i can go online, make a guy, then find a friend to come back to my virtual house and virtually sit on a couch?" I just don't see it.

I saw an article on here about why this one guy likes HOME and he says theres more interactivity with people. Sure it is, you can choose who you want to play with by seeing if you like someone first. But how many people are going to go up to a random guy and go "You look cool, wanna be my friend?" plus theres going to be a lot of guys smothering the 15 female characters.

I GET the idea of HOME, i really do, and it looks like a cool thing but i don't think it's gonna be anything reveloutionary.

FirstknighT4124d ago

If anybody thinks sitting in a virtual couch in your virtual apartment is more fun than playing an actual game...than maybe they should add a virtual hospital in HOME cuz you guys need it.

SofaKingReetodded4124d ago

need to STFU about things they know NOTHING about,

You can gather with your friends in Home and:

take turns inside a ring in Fight Night like sparring matches

go to a streetcourt and play a quick game of b-ball

go to a field and play a game of soccer

jump in vehicles and have a street race

etc etc etc

and that's BEFORE we go into the ability to launch PS3 titles from within Home bringing your friends along into the game.

LIVE = with it.

Captain Tuttle4124d ago

Home is way too gimmicky for me. An apartment? WTF would I want to sit in a virtual chair for? Hey, let's have a dance party woohoo!!

Just get to the gaming.

The only thing that's really cool is the media sharing but do you really need a virtual world and stupid avatar to do that?

jay34124d ago

If you're gonna play with your friends you already know, go to your friends list and put in the damned game!

Could you please tell me something about HOME that will make me want it? Please, enlighten me.

The fact that any fanboy immediately dismisses any valid argument against anything on their system is truly, truly sad.

My first comment wasn't "Fanboyish" in any way. Yet you still just disregard my opinion as if i'm some kind of 360 extremist. You proved that you have no life and only rely on your console to make you feel good by posting that stupid comment.

"Pwned" you dipshit.

Silver3604124d ago

You know it sounds like playing virtual Barbie dolls. Dress them up decorate the house, then wait for the friends to come over so you can take the Barbie Malibu car to the beach. lol

eLiNeS4124d ago

I have been saying the same thing since day one, Home0 I mean Home is quit the joke. If M$ did something like this I would probably sell my Xbox 360 & stick with PC gaming. I would not be caught with Home0, again I mean Home, even if my life depended on it. Don't get me wrong, it looks fun if you where a twelve year old girl with lot of friends that don't like getting together in real life.

GnaM4124d ago

Yeah FirstKnight, Home has looked like a joke to me from day one:


Aside from the hilariously cheesy dialogue shown in the screenshots (Sony obviously has no idea what online gamers are actually like) I just don't see why anyone would want to sit around customizing their avatar and fixing up their virtual apartment so they can sit around on a virtual couch, or perhaps throw a virtual party where a bunch of nerds can come over with their avatars and engaging in virtual dancing, virtual eating, and virtual movie watching.

What the PS3 needs is an online service, not some cheesy Second Life imitation where you can walk around looking like you just stepped out of CSI: Miami.

HarryEtTubMan4123d ago

The millions of users that will be using Home don't really care what U think is "gay". O yea cool guy, this reminds me of barbies...hehe. I have Xbox live and its ok besides dealing with 80% of people that seem to be sooo angry because their playing these shooters and I dunno...they just seem sooo angry at the world... and XBLA sucks how most the games are crappy arcade ports... some of the reallllly bad and not worth the money Microsoft wants...It doesn't matter what people think...the reality is it's a more powerful, more diverse, and more innovative system than xbox and there really is no comparison... only haters trying so deprately to defend THEIR system...happy with it or not. I don't have a PS3...this IS the truth though...cannot wait to get my hands on all this new material.

MattFoley4123d ago

And second life sucks. So what do you think home will be.
Oh its going to be so cool people say. I just wonder have any of these fools played second life? Its all porn, advertising, and virtual meetings. You know Sony is already selling space for advertising right. I'm sure Second Life was really cool at first till it was exploited and turned into what it is now. How long will it take before Home is Exploited.

beavis4play4123d ago

and i'll kind of agree with you firstknignt- i think you are a joke

Cosmo4123d ago

Whats that, your a 40 year old virgin

I couldn't agree more

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achira4124d ago

how can they compare home with live ? home is even not out ? lol idiots.

Salvadore4124d ago

I will wait for a deep comparsion between the services.