MGS4: Old Snake Vs. New Snake Comparison from EGM

In the latest Electronic Gaming Monthly (October 2007), they compare the old Snake (Metal Gear Solid 3: Substance) to the new Snake (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots). They compare the camouflage, shooting, frisking, and online play.

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MK_Red4126d ago

My favorite Snake is the Naked/Original Snake from MGS3. The BIG Boss.

conjurdevil4126d ago

why are they comparing big boss with solid snake?!
and btw big boss was awesum in mgs 3!

MK_Red4126d ago

Well, technially speaking, they are both kinda the same person. Also, Konami certainly uses one designer and modeler for both ;)

conjurdevil4126d ago

they both use different styles...i mean they both are good in their own way.

cloud3604125d ago

The round peg thinks sony fans want bioshock

gamerriffic4125d ago

well bigboss went crazeh...
and if it was bigboss vs. solid snake.. solid snake would win
.. i know this.. because it says so in the story.

and thats why liquid hates solid, because he wanted to kill bigboss.
and liquids only purpose in life, was to create solid snake, who was comprised of only the good parts of big boss.

InMyOpinion4125d ago

And the point of your comment was?

The Hulk would smash Snake any day and then Optimus Prime would beat The Hulk and Rygar would yo-yo him to bits and then Sly Raccoon would penetrate Rygar and E.Honda would butt-bash them both then wait for Batman and Hattori Hanzo to join the party.

FiveShot Bandit4125d ago

you should probably re-watch the ending and listen to Revolver, Solid was actually the inferior clone he only recieved Big Boss' appearance. Liquid recieved the better genes.

Maldread4125d ago

You could move while shooting in MGS games before, all the way back to MGS1. Just hold down the x-button and you can move and shoot. I`m glad they`ve changed the camera though, as you now can see what you`re shooting at (kind of hard to do so when you have a top-down perspective sometimes).

I hope you can be the young Snake too somehow, as i like him better than the old, moustache bastard ;)

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