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Kinect Innovation of the year at The Stuff Gadget Awards 2010!

Microsoft's console gets controller-free, motion-sensitive gaming. Smells like a revolution to us, and it obviously did to you too.

Highly commended:
- Dell Adamo XPS
- Nintendo 3DS
- Apple iPad
- YikeBike
- Google Goggles
- Sky 3D
- Dyson Air Multiplier (iPad, Nintendo DS, PC, Tech, Xbox)

AKissFromDaddy  +   1837d ago
Why is this award important?
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units  +   1837d ago
its not
but it is still news
HolyOrangeCows  +   1837d ago
"Kinect Innovation of the year at The Stuff Gadget Awards 2010!"

Something so broken shouldn't be commended for its "innovation"
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Rush  +   1836d ago
Well for Kinect to make you vomit your clearly quite broken yourself. Yet you manage to post here on N4G all by yourself so maybe you deserve some sort of special award?
oohWii  +   1836d ago
Already been awarded, the Douche-troll of the decade award.
HolyOrangeCows  +   1836d ago
LOL, surely you can log onto your multiple accounts faster than that, right Rush/oohWii?
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Rush   1836d ago | Personal attack | show
YourCall  +   1836d ago
An excellent point there.

Also, oohwii, that was a good one.
gigaware  +   1837d ago
Because of the winner?
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Mystogan  +   1837d ago
and this IS News,if its not then game of the year wouldn't be news either.
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Nariko-2011  +   1837d ago
When those we do not speak of realise this, there will be hell to pay
And this nice lil agree with each other party is gonna turn into a crap-storm! Heaven help us all when they get here. I say leave now! Burn everything so the Nazis have nothing when they arrive!
Uh oh...sorry about that, I get WW II flashbacks whenever I speak of those we do not speak of
Rainstorm81  +   1837d ago
This room reeks of insecurities.

Soooo many cautionary SDF remarks and it isnt one Sony Fanboy in here saying anything about move or Kinects newfound award.

Enjoy Kinect' s success, Just like Sony fans enjoyed Uncharted 2 success last year.

Guess you guys are just used to defending Kinect.
maverick40  +   1836d ago
Thanks will do
*goes back to playing uncharted 2*
dredgewalker  +   1836d ago
Ready the burn ointments. This isn't gonna be pretty when the fanboys get here.
hoops  +   1837d ago
Waiting for all the

"But...but....but....It& #39;s just an EYETOY GODDAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!&quo t;
-Alpha  +   1837d ago
Well it is very similar to the Eyetoy. It's not an innovation in a sense that it's unique, but what I think it will be known for is making hands-free motion gaming more widely popular among the masses.

Much like how people say Sony innovated how gaming was portrayed, Halo innovated shooters on consoles, and Wii innovated motion control in the industry. Personally I don't like tossing the word "innovation" around, and I argue the meaning and effect of these so called innovations.

Kinect can be seen to innovate how consumers play games/hands free gaming. Yes, the Eyetoy did it, but MS is pushing it for the masses. In that sense it does innovate how consumers play their games, and with MS's huge backing up for the product it is clear that they intend to make this a mainstay in the industry
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Moonboots  +   1837d ago
"It's not an innovation in a sense that it's unique"

I'm sorry there are other full motion sensing controllers out there that I can buy instead of Kinect?

Please, I'm all ears. List them and where I can purchase them? I wonder why all these open source guys are having such a field day if this device is out there in other forms for consumer purchase.

Disagree till your hearts content but I'm still waiting for someone to give me a product that does everything Kinect does in motion capturing and software wise available to the consumer. I understand Alphas point and it's a good one but I still disagree with his statement.

There is no product on the market that does what Kinect does. I call that innovation and you can argue semantics about "unique" all you want.
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-Alpha  +   1837d ago
"there are other full motion sensing controllers out there that I can buy instead of Kinect?"

Here is one definition of the word:

"initiation: the act of starting something for the first time; introducing something new"

See, being full motion (I assume you use these words to avoid me answering "EyeToy") doesn't make it an innovation, it makes it an evolution/advancement.

I think Kinect can be seen as an innovation for how it makes hands-free gaming into a big phenomenon for a significant audience of gamers (whether people on gaming sites like it or not, casuals make up a significant audience). This is what the Eyetoy did not do, at least not in the same scale as MS is doing with Kinect. So, if you want to call it an innovation in the way gamers play games, then fine, no argument. But if you want to say that it is new, or that it's changing gaming forever, then I will have to argue here.

It's not an innovation in the sense that it does anything new.

It doesn't have to be either.
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Moonboots  +   1836d ago
And the fact you can't give me a Kinect comparable alternative in fact makes it unique.

Heres one for you:

"Unqiue: having no like or equal; unparalleled; incomparable".

The idea may have roots in other devices but that doesn't make it any less a unique innovation.

Unless you have an equal? Which goes back to my first posts question.

You want to simply talk about how it's making it mainstream. The code that runs this thing is UNIQUE and the combination of everything that is happening with Kinect hardware and software does make it new and you've not seen something like this in a consumer device.

Are the concepts new? No. But nobody has brought them all together and delivered a unique product like Kinect. And as we move forward I think Kinect will show even more why it's not a DreamEYE or EyeToy.
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guzman  +   1836d ago
U Force for the NES. Look it up genius.
beardpapa  +   1836d ago
full motion also means every possible motion. Moving along 2D, 3D, and pivoting around its own axis like a gyroscope.
awiseman  +   1837d ago
sony fanboyz cant handle the fact Kinect wins awards
Its more advanced thatn eyetoy, although I agree the concept is a total eyetoy ripoff.

Edit: Igess ms paid all of those ppl as well to right? pss sony fanboys never quit.
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-Alpha  +   1837d ago
I haven't seen one Sony fanboy (yet), but it's funny to see how everybody is taking precautionary measures. I understand how bad Kinect articles get and something like this will definitely infuriate some people. But how about you let them stir the pot first? That way we can avoid the petty fighting even better
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Silly gameAr  +   1837d ago
lol All of you guys sound like you just want to get something started. I doubt anyone cares that much. Sorry to inform you guys.
Bigpappy  +   1837d ago
No, they care! Trust me on this one
This does not sit well with many of you because it is not the Move getting the award. It would be a lot easier to hate on Kinect and the organizations that issued the award. than acknowlege that Kinect is a success for M$. That is just too painful for some.

Try and get over it, as Kinect will get improvements and even more impressive.
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Sunny_D  +   1837d ago
Lol, I hope you guys know, just by mentioning that Sony trolls will not take this kindly will just instigate them to come right? Perhaps, you like the attention from them?
jarrod1981  +   1837d ago
oh trust me sony trolls care. thats why this comment section will be flooded with sony fanboys ripping on kinect just like they do with every other article about kinect. its sad really.
jessupj  +   1837d ago
Well maybe if it was actually innovative.

"Innovation is a new way of doing something or "new stuff that is made useful". It may refer to incremental and emergent or radical and revolutionary changes in thinking, products, processes, or organizations. ..."
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Innovat e

You might think Kinect is a cool little gadget, but there's nothing innovative about it. It might be a brand new tool, but the eyetoy did it first almost 10 years ago. Kinect has only improved apon the idea, it hasn't done anything new. The judges of The Stuff Gadget Awards obviously don't know the definition of 'Innovation'.
maverick40  +   1836d ago
didnt nintendo turn down this tech
before the wii remote came to fruition?
VenomProject  +   1837d ago
Hmm, odd how no one really noticed this "revolution" when the EyeToy released.

Been there, done that.
niceguywii60  +   1837d ago
Yes like Sixaxis dualshock being there and doing that in the Wii match up.

*thank you, thank you for the award*

*been there done that*
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gigaware  +   1837d ago
Nice. Looks like a 9000 series LED and a EDTV of some sort. These screenshots show how SDF could trick some people in thinking these products perform on the same level because they both are grey, and with the right spin/angles they both look flat.
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Bigpappy  +   1837d ago
Because Eyetoy was a 2D tech demo
Eyetoy needed developing. It was and is no good for gaming. That is why you guys are confused about Kinect. Kinect works and works well (in 3D). Kinect uses natural inputs. That how they sould refer to Kinect: A natural input gaming system. Eyetoy was un-natural input. Thats the big difference.
JacobIsHollywood  +   1837d ago
But Kinect isn't a finished product either. It's not precise enough yet. It's the Wii of camera gaming. The Wii wasn't ready when it launched. People still bought it in droves, but most gamers wanted 1:1 motion tracking.

Trust me...Sony will be touting controllerless gaming next generation...and we won't have to flail to get results.
shadyiswin  +   1836d ago
kinect seems more that accurate for me,at times it even to accurate/sensitive. If calibrated properly it performs flawlessly,very good tech. it tracks in 3D to the amazement of everyone who has played mines. Most people are thing of games where u move left or right like normal webcam based games but when it askes to step forward for the first time you're like 'whoa this is kinda cool" your like in virtual box pretty much. It can even tack your hands when behind your back,i am very impressed with my kinect easily worth the $150,like i said i bought rockband 1 and 2 almost $200 each while they offer tons of gameplay with new tracks the kinect alone offers a lot for a little. I love new tech and would of probably paid $99 for a xbox webcam that does voice controls,video chat and menu navigation,the fact that it enhances games is the awesome bonus for me and btw i couldn't find dance central anywhere until i got to my 3rd walmart,they had 6 left,then i realize im going to wait for a black friday sale i think toys r us has a buy 1 get one for $5 or something
-Alpha  +   1837d ago

Definition of Revolution: a drastic and far-reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving

Kinect does that over Eyetoy. While EyeToy could have been a much bigger product, Kinect is being pushed in a much bigger way in a very different time. Motion controls weren't all the rage last gen.

This generation is different. Kinect is a revolution in gaming-- maybe not for you or anyone on N4G, but for a large group of the demographic who has any remote part in the industry (casual Wii owners for example) it is a big change.

Yes, the traditionalist gamer portrayed as a fat slob who has some overly expensive controller/keyboard and mouse may not think so, but they are not the only ones that make up gaming
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life doomer  +   1836d ago
your so full of shit and you don't even notice it.
AceofStaves  +   1836d ago
We'd best wait for concrete sales figures before describing Kinect as revolutionary. If it becomes popular with the general public, as the Wii did, we can call it a revolution. If not, it will simply be a fad.

Time will tell.
Jazz4108  +   1836d ago
And move really is no more then the wii mote times 2. Neither product was the first but they both improved on existing tech. Geez is that hard to unerstand
DigitalRaptor  +   1837d ago
Good news for those that care.

Just a shame than none of its games will ever win Game of the Year!

Oh well...
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Bigpappy  +   1837d ago
Who cares
The games will sell millions and are a lot of fun to play. I was bowling and boxing online all weekend!

What were you doing?
MajestieBeast  +   1837d ago
Probably going out like most people do on the weekend instead of playing kinect and commenting on n4g.
JacobIsHollywood  +   1837d ago
Bigpappy - No, you weren't.

You played maybe a round of each, got frustrated by the response time, and called it quits. Don't lie. I know this is the Internet, but come on...
DigitalRaptor  +   1836d ago
You want me to pat you on the back for having fun with shallow party games?

If you actually want to know, I was playing better games on PS3. If I had a 360 I would also be playing better games too.

But it wasn't the whole weekend either. I do have a life outside gaming and N4G!
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BabyTownFrolics  +   1836d ago
most of the N4G community hates Kinect, and everything it stands for, so be prepared for the negativity.

All I can say is that, if you had fun gaming with Kinect then good for you.
N4WAH  +   1836d ago
Bigpappy "What were you doing?"
Hosted a Black Ops party in my basement theater for my son and his friends (3 displays, 3 360 units, 6 controllers, all owned by myself). Partied up and played with them from my gaming room on the main floor (on another one of my 5 360's I own) all night long and into the am.

Yesterday I played some Vanquish and checked out the NFS:HPLE demo again until Sunday football started. All on the 360. So I was playing games on my 360 that cater to me, the majority 360 consumer. If I bought Kinect it would be for my wife and when extended family and friends visit.

Although I don't see that happening since none of them show any interest in it. Most people I ask, my son and all of his teen friends included, laugh when I ask them if they want me to pick up a Kinect or two since our house is the neighbor hangout. The only person that showed interest in my picking one up is my sons girlfriend. She wants to play with Skittles. So I might pick her one up as a Christmas present.
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jarrod1981  +   1837d ago
nor will move games. no motion control game will ever be my goty. the only ones would be made by nintendo.
Rainstorm81  +   1837d ago
and not those either........... im afraid
DigitalRaptor  +   1836d ago
And that is where people are mistaken.

There will be many Move-specific games, and I highly doubt any of them will be close to getting GOTY.

But where Move shines (and the reason most people are excited about it) is its implementation into games that the fans are actually looking forward to: Killzone 3, LBP2 etc.

And what's great is that even though those games weren't built specifically for Move, they are in the running for GOTY. So if I decide to get Move, I can be playing GOTY material on my optional motion control scheme.

Sony isn't claiming the Move to be anything revolutionary or pretending it can do what it really cannot. What it is, is an alternative for those that want a more immersive and highly accurate experience.
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Zachmo182  +   1837d ago
This is part of microsoft's ad campaign they so paid them.

Well thats in the eyes of a sony fanboy. I'm just saying what they would have said.
Moonboots  +   1837d ago
Damn, starting to sound like a bunch of old beat up wives here. Why all the "sony fanboy" precautions??

Enjoy what you like, forget the haters and game. No need to get all "please don't hit me again" and poke the cage with a stick.
etownone  +   1837d ago
Went to Best buy with my girl .... waited on line to try kinnect and we both had a blast.
tried to buy it afterwards but it was sold out ... went to 6 other stores and all sold out. WTF?!

granted it will probably start collecting dust like my Wii does now ... but it looks like fun, to control the dashboard using voice and motion looks cool, and i'm keeping the faith that great games are on the horizon.

Kinect winning an award for innovation doesnt surprise me.
JacobIsHollywood  +   1837d ago
I want pictures. Not a store in Illinois is sold out of them.
etownone  +   1836d ago
haha ...

you know people are already selling them for a profit on ebay, right?
dragon82  +   1836d ago
Come to Sturgis, Michigan. Our walmart had 15 of them earlier today when I was there.
GuyManDude  +   1837d ago
But why?
Why did the ipad get commended? That's the real story.

You pay $500-$700 for "the next laptop", though it has less storage, less memory, a worse processor, worse screen resolution (usually), no flash, no camera, no multitasking, no USB, no HDMI, and no disc drive.

Taking out essential components and making it thinner (while charging the same price or more). That's innovation.
I Make Stuff Up  +   1837d ago
And yet...
all of a sudden, every bloody company in the world is now scrambling to bring out an iPad copy. Funny how for year and years nobody was interested in the market, but as soon as Apple decide to invest in it, everyone follows. Yeah, I'd say it deserves a mention.
GuyManDude  +   1837d ago
Although innovation is simply making something "new", I consider the word to imply that this new something has made a leap forward from past ideas, rather than backwards.

If I decided to make a new gaming console that is 1.8" thick with terrible specs and sell it for $400, and this resulted in other companies following suit, I wouldn't have innovated. I'd have made a crappy new device that everyone else stupidly decided to make as well.

My thoughts.
earbus  +   1837d ago
well done ms on great tech awesome.
DigitalRaptor  +   1836d ago
Yes. Well done Microsoft for buying that awesome tech. ;)

3DV is the real innovation not MS.
Odin777  +   1837d ago
Kinect is the best.

Oops forgot the /s
#11 (Edited 1837d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Spartanv07  +   1837d ago
not surprised,Microsoft knew how to capture the casuals. By next week we shall see how big it sold i bet.
enkeixpress  +   1837d ago
... How in the hell did this get an innovation award?? :D

PS Move ftw
#13 (Edited 1837d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
URIELXIV  +   1837d ago
Didn't MS just buy the Kinect technology? It's not like THEY are the ones innovating.
URIELXIV   1837d ago | Offensive
Allowen  +   1837d ago
iPad /3DS > Kinect
SkyCrawler  +   1837d ago
Gratz on the award.
Though I do agree with those saying its evolution not revolutionary.
DXM1  +   1836d ago
i dont understand why other sony fans are here bashing kinect. Why does it matter? We are hard core gamers, and we need hard core games.

Can you honestly say you (sony guys) are even remotely interested in the casual market? Move may have some appeal with more hard core games, but even then its iffy.

Because of the costs involved i decided not to purchase move... Instead will be getting GT5, KZ3, Deus Ex 3, Black Ops, and finally Maybe UC1 or God of War Collection.

If Xbox gamers find kinect awesome why not let them enjoy it? I personally wouldnt find it fun, but i doubt that means the rest of the population wont.

Just seems pointless to yell at every kinect article.
SkyCrawler  +   1836d ago
Well said
I think its ok to disagree with things even getting into debates. Its just the way that some gamers do it. Why is it that it takes a smug attitude and a worn out keyboard to disagree with someone? Its not even called for most of the time and people would often instigate just to actually lure any potential fanboy prey,just to get a buzz. I think everyone should just chill. Srsly... sit back and breathe.
strickers  +   1836d ago
Surely it should be Iteration of the Year?
blackburn5  +   1836d ago
It's strange that whenever you bash Kinect that automatically makes you a Sony fanboy.I have friends that hate what Microsoft is doing and pissed that they are concentrating on Kinect instead of the games they like the most. I really didn't know that people on N4G are psychic. You always jump to the conclusion that unless you drool and gush and wet your pants over Kinect that makes you a Sony fanboy. Last time I checked most core 360 owners hate Kinect too. Also why does everyone believe that because people diss it, that means that you really want it? So when the trolls and Kinect supporters were constantly jumping on our Move articles to tell us it was going to fail, that meant you really wanted to have one as well? Well, that's fanboy logic for you.
#20 (Edited 1836d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
SkyCrawler  +   1836d ago
That is exactly what I mean. People come to conclusions without thinking anything else and in return just makes them look like the bigger fool. This is where maturity(if any) is thrown out the window. If you hate something, theres no questions asked, you belong to the other party,we don't care what you have to say after that, and you're not our friend. This sort of attitude is quite annoying and I honestly don't think they're smart enough to know it.
dragon82  +   1836d ago
Well I would get one if my damn living room was big enough. My local Walmart had 15 of them just sitting there when I went in today. I could easily get my hands on it but I just don't have th eroom to play it. Chances are it would just collect dust but I am a sucker for new video game tech. I try to buy everything.
clearelite  +   1836d ago
A popular marketing technique for companies is to make the masses think their crap is selling better than it really is. People then often fall for the hype and go out and buy the product. Their of dozens of other techniques obviously. Consumers minds are in a sense, not even their own very often. I'm not saying that's what's going on here necessarily. Although it could be. This is a very common technique many companies use. It's funny people don't notice it though. They are good at being subtle as well.
guzman  +   1836d ago
500 million will buy you alot of awards and positive reviews. This shit's as phoney as the oscars and the laughable Interactive arts and sciences awards farce.
#23 (Edited 1836d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
labwarrior  +   1836d ago
Amazing news and the first 3D video and item recognition applications are starting to appear
The future is here and now with Kinect !!!!
I_C_PEE  +   1836d ago
I would like to comment on this article and my comment is slightly negative towards Kinect but becoz of the trend these days, people on here will label me a Sony fanboy, and becoz of the sensitive nature of fanboyism my comment will only serve to add fuel to an already out of control fire. Moral of the story - If you don't praise Kinect to the high heavens, or proclaim it the second coming of Christ, your comment need not apply which in turn pretty much negates the need for a discussion/Comments section.
KotC  +   1836d ago
Kinect really is a cool device. What I don't understand is the bashing from people who have never even touched it.
SkyCrawler  +   1836d ago
I can see why people bash it
Even I myself don't really understand the physical appeal of it. But think about it...

1.) This thing is getting a big budget behind it. So it's going to be everywhere.

2.) Most mainstream advertisers or "masses" have little to no knowledge of the technical innards of this device. So all you're going to hear on television is , "omg this is so cool, you can do this, etc." Without going into how it does it.

3.) To those who ARE actually in the core gaming community, who arent casuals, kinect has already been done. Even though one is an evolution of the other, it has been done. And hearing a lady on NBC saying "this is revolutionary, non controller gaming never been done before..." Is kinda akward. Especially with the hype its getting.

So I can see why people can feel a bit sour about it.

(forgive the wording in my sentences I'm a bit tired lol)
Masterchef2007  +   1836d ago
More like an evolution of the eye toy just like move is an evolution of the wiimote. SO i wouldn't call either innovative. Now the 3DS a portable console with glasses free 3d embedded into it now that is innovative.
I_C_PEE  +   1836d ago
@MasterChef2007 - Agreed. 3DS deserves the honor of tech innovation. Kinect is building on Eyetoys concept. 3D gaming an already expensive proposition for many will be affordable to the masses in a compact sleek package.

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