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Submitted by Kran 1916d ago | opinion piece

CoD: Black Ops – Mission 4: How Long Did It Take You In Veteran?

Now we've all heard about mission 5 (SOG), with the barrels, where you can't shoot them and that you have to get up close to them and kick them down the hill. But that's hardly a problem to what Nave360 about to ask.

In mission 4, known as "Executive Order", the level where you are to stop the launch, there is a section at the end of the level where you are travelling through the base, but the thing is, endless amount of enemies spawn, trying to kill you. However, this section may seem easy in regular difficulty... but the fact on how easy it was in regular is not the point. Nave360 wants to know how long this took you in "Veteran Difficulty". (Call of Duty: Black Ops, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

Update Tip: As people in the comments are saying if you are stuck on this level: SMOKE GRENADES ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND HERE.

rebirthofcaos  +   1917d ago
For my first COD I played on harden or something like that, and it was a hell unlimited respawn, I hear of that before but this is bull#hit.
Archdemon  +   1916d ago
I did the game on Veteran dif.
And this section was tedious, but still managed to do it under 30 mins.

And this guy even have smoke grenades. I used em all at the start of the level.
Venatus-Deus  +   1916d ago
I found SOC easy compared to this part in the tunnels.

Thank god I got the trophy, because I didn't get the following one because of the vet glitch. Its a massive problem... just search google.

Game needs to be patched and soon.

Vet is easy except these two parts which took me endless attempts.
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vickers500  +   1916d ago
Omg those f*cking tunnels. F*cking unlimited respawning enemies. Anybody that can get through that on veteran should be applauded. It was by far the hardest thing I've ever done in a game, it took me at least 30 tries.
antz1104  +   1916d ago
The tunnels were BULLSH%T. That and taking the hill at Khe Sahn on veteran have been the two hardest parts for me.

Oh and each took me at least an hour, tunnels b/c it was hard as hell and vietnam b/c I had no idea beforehand to kick the barrels over.
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goflyakite  +   1916d ago
Just beat the game on veteran and got 1 out of like 6 trophies because they don't unlock. -_-

Waste of time.
princejb134  +   1916d ago
i beat the game on veteran
and this freaking mission was the worse
it took me about a hour just to reliase i had to quick the stupid barrels down
teedogg80  +   1916d ago
LOL! Same here. I must have killed like a thousand guys before I realized that you had to cut open and kick the barrels. I was like WTF...what do I have to be doing here to proceed.
avengers1978  +   1916d ago
The enemies are endless, but you can limit the number you have to face, If you move up quickly.
After fiquring that out it only took me about 15 mins, but I played that level for quit awhile... proble 2 hrs in all.
Here's how I passed it.
I picked up an AK with grenade attachment, first room walked in and fired, quickly retreat, croch behind the two blue barrels and lauch another grenade into the room( make sure it blows up ) move behind the first recording machine on the right, then into that corner, and shoot the two or three guys that come around there. make sure you check in office room while moving to the desk at the left. Wait there and kill the two guys coming down that long hall. Move up to the wall before entering hall way. Kill the guy on the right and toss a grenade down the hall to the left. Move up to the yellow cart, then over too the doorway to your left, from there kill as many as you can and move to the stack of boxes, kill the guys coming out of the room on the right, then move into that room and down the stairs, carefully move up to the door way and kill anyone in the locker room. Move to the yellow cart on the right of that door way, be ready to toss grenades back. Your gonna have to kill a few people before moving up to the set of boxes to the right, then to the doorway up the hall to the left, make sure your gun is loaded and take out the gasmask guys coming out of the smoke they should be pretty easy to get the jump on from there, and then run through the smoke. If you constantly kill and move it doesn't seem so bad. Sitting and waiting until no enemies come only brings more and more enemies. Don't expect your team to move up until you do.
Kran  +   1916d ago
Too much to read.... can you bitesize it? My gamer mind can't take it all :P
avengers1978  +   1916d ago
@clockback OK kill a few guys move up to cover, repeat until end of level.
sak500  +   1916d ago
Way to enhance game time for short campaigns. I hated MW and also WAW for that of endless nade spams and now this. I'vent touched the campaign yet but i wll start off in Veteran and see how much i can go further. MW2 had it right and i had no trouble finishing it.
Steven21  +   1916d ago
Ehhhh games are too easy these days, i was very pleased on veteran that there was such a high level of difficulty not like other cod games. There were sometimes i wished my guy could just eat bullets and i could run through levels, but the difficulty made this game very good to me. One reason the game might have been harder than the rest is your allies pretty much blind fire and never really hit anyone and enemies only go after you. they will let your entire team run by jus waiting for you to pop your head up and kill you. That was probably the most frustrating part of the game
PhoenixDevil  +   1916d ago
Challange Vs Cheapness
I havent played (or even got) Black ops but i have the other CoD games and its not about the games being "challanging" its about learning where the enemys are n planning arcordingly dying a lot of times each time learning where a few more enemys are and fighting thro, its a really cheap way of playing thro a game n i've always found that Vet difficulty forces you to play it lyk that

Not that CoD is on its own alot of games either are over easy or cheaply diffcult now adays, some games have a good balance, Demon Souls is a gd example never feels cheap, n while games lyk motorstorm are always a challange they never feel cheap, I dnt think i'll bother to pick up BO even if they do sort out the multiplayer
Steven21  +   1916d ago
Yeah but it is almost like developing a strategy and the sense of accomplishment after beating one of these levels is very good lol motorstorm is a perfect example of a hard game though, i got it at launch and still have yet to beat it haha
Dark-Cloud  +   1916d ago
this one wasn't hard to me , there is a mission that i really hate , i died in it more then 20 times XD , it's an open place and you must go to the end but if you just stand you get killed , i finished it when my brother came and he wanted to take the controle xD so i get mad and finished it really fast and with luck ..

i hate the idea of veteran , die really fast , this is not skill , you have to hide , if you want a really hard game you must make the gameplay hard not die faster ...
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Kran  +   1916d ago
You die after three bullets, which is annoying ¬¬
peowpeow  +   1916d ago
I'm sure everyone strongly agrees! They need to make AI better or something similar, not take the cheap route and increase their damage.
Dark-Cloud  +   1916d ago
it seems that people like veteran , they like to hide in campaign just like in the online ... i wish if i can make a game to show you how to make a hard game and really good one .. -.-
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artsaber  +   1916d ago
But sometimes
Survival is about hiding. You can't do like 70% of people do online and expect to come out alive. There are times where you have to push through an assault, and there are times you have to outwit your enemy to gain an advantage. Hiding, when used effectively will allow you to mow down 3 enemies from behind when they are out looking for you online. Survival is the key to the better killstreaks that ultimately help you win the match online.
Dark-Cloud4  +   1916d ago
when i attack in cod games i kill more then 40 and i even killed 60 more then 4 times in team deathmatch !!! .. so hiding boring for me .. i want something challenging not hiding , it's just a game >.< .. i wish if game makers make a sword game and they make very hard gameplay and really kool ... T_T
xYLeinen  +   1916d ago

I have truthfully never liked COD SP. Grenade spam and unlimited respawn is poor game design.

I'm stuck at chapter 4 or something on veteran and it's a pain. After you destroy the rocket you go down in the basement and there is a hallway down there where you get infinite respawn. You can't even fucking see the guys way in the back. I dive forward and get to cover. But here you get stuck because if you even tip your head up you are dead.

Tried to smoke, but apparently they see through it.

Medal of Honor was maybe not the best game, but their SP beats a COD SP any day.
Kran  +   1916d ago
Thats the part im talking about in the article :P
xYLeinen  +   1916d ago
Guess you caught me on not reading it then >_>

Anyway, this just shows how bad certain sections how the game are, and how poor designed the SP is.
Steven21  +   1916d ago
hell no medal of honor single player sucks ass. the story is very very good but the game is beyond easy. i played on my first playthrough on hard and i could have easily beaten the game using just the knife except for in parts where you couldnt. such a joke of a game
talltony  +   1916d ago
Thats because hard mode is made for tier 1 mode
Thats where they want it to be challenging.
iMaim  +   1916d ago
There's 3 parts that I absolutely loathed in this game.
1) THAT corridor in the Missile launch mission
2) Knifing the barrel in SOG
3) Painting the tank for air support while you make a mad dash to the boat
RedSoakedSponge  +   1916d ago
i found the tank bit easy as i knew i had to run for the boat after painting the tank (finished on hardened first). I got as close as i could to the boat prior to painting the tank, then ran to the boat instantly after. did it my first try :)
Allen46  +   1916d ago
I did it in about 20mins. you just have to use your smoke and keep moving up
gravemaker  +   1916d ago
all game was easy enough on veteran. MW2 is much harder
Mmmkay  +   1916d ago
you can run through mw2 on vet almost without dying... treyarch granade spam and infinite respawns is just BS! both here and w@w.
Venatus-Deus  +   1916d ago
Yeah... I don't remember MW2 having grenade spamming or infinite re-spawns.
RedSoakedSponge  +   1916d ago
i thought the grenades in BO were the most player friendly i have seen in COD. in WAW they landed by your feet every time, and it was ever 10 seconds. In BO its not often they throw grenades (in comparison) and they never land that close to you.
MetalFreakMike  +   1916d ago
Took me 20 minutes and I got pretty pissed every time I died. A lot of ducking and laying on the round went into beating that level.
Nicaragua  +   1916d ago
That section took me a while, i used smoke grenades and then moved up a section at a time.

I think this is one of the worst COD campaigns yet, the plot is pretty crap and the execution isnt much better with its infinite respawning & vague objectives.

A lot of the time i just felt like the game was on rails, at least MW2 had several large open levels like the streets or the retail estate with the burger bars.
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CTU-Almeida  +   1916d ago
I just played a little bit SP.
I'm enjoying MP.
Killzoned  +   1916d ago
lool i was on this level for at least an hour!
joeyisback  +   1916d ago
took me about 5 hrs than cousin took controller and beat it in 3 trys i was pissed
M_Prime  +   1916d ago
i couldnt do this part without smoke grenades. I forgot to pick em up at the start of the cooridors so after a few dozen tried i got fed up and went to explore the level behind me and found them. With smokes it took me 4 tries to make it to the checkpoint. The part after the big room is the hardest
user1337  +   1916d ago
yeah, pissed me off that section. Even with smoke the buggers were shooting me. Managed to get it done in the end though. Took me at least an hour or so.
Solans Scott  +   1916d ago
Took me about 5 hours.
Droid Control  +   1916d ago
Terrible game!
Spawn and genade fest does not a good game make!
FFXI101  +   1916d ago
Not only that, WAW and Black op have worst AI partners ever! They are useless and pointless, cause they don't really do anything and let enemy pass all the time.
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yeracnivek71  +   1916d ago
The worst part...
...was that last corridor, right after the scientist jumps through the window, followed by the enemy soldier. You move about 10 feet past that point, and BAM BAM BAM!, you're dead....and you never see the guys shooting you, because they magically spawn behind the smoke at the last second. I finally timed a cooked grenade perfectly, and killed them as soon as they started to shoot.
yeracnivek71  +   1916d ago
COD games have the worst checkpoint system....
As with ALL COD games, there was one mission I had to start over from the beginning....when I was almost done...because I got a random checkpoint, right as a cooked grenade lands at my feet. Result? Reload...DIE...reload....DIE.. .reload...DIE......

To me,the COD checkpoint system trumps the grenade spamming and infinite respawning enemies...if only by a the worst gameplay design in all of gaming.
red2tango  +   1916d ago
This video helped on veteran SOG:
PSfan09  +   1916d ago
0 minute(s), didnt buy it

i win
Ares84PS3  +   1916d ago
You loose
The campaign mode is pretty awesome in this COD. In my opinion it's much better than MW2s campaign.
rbanke  +   1916d ago
I watched nextgentactics's video of it because i heard it was really bad, but for some reason I made it through the barrel part on the third try, and on the next part I just ran up the left side and made it to the flamethrower in one shot. Also the part where your on the tank heading into rebirth, took me two tries. Oddly, other parts people dont complain about took me much more tries lol.

Treyarch's poor sp design = luck of the draw if you make it.
Ares84PS3  +   1916d ago
This part was really hard on veteran.
I only had difficulty with this part of the game and I also had trouble on the first vietnam level where you have to roll down two barrells from a hill. It was hard to get to the barrels without getting killed. Other than that everything else was just fine on veteran. I'm almost at the end. Right now I'm in the POW camp.
mikepmcc  +   1916d ago
These two points were definitely the longest for me, at least an hour on both.
brianunfried  +   1916d ago
I got through the level without kicking the barrels, I just blasted my way through with the M60. No wonder it was so damn hard.
Nicaragua  +   1916d ago
I cant see how you managed this.

Im pretty sure that you need to kick the barrels in order to set off the scripted event that opens the rest of the level.
RedSoakedSponge  +   1916d ago
nahhh lol. I did it on hardened without knowing about the barrels at all lol. so it is definately possible to ignore them. Had to use the barrels on veteran though. I find it hard to believe anyone is good enough to do that part on veteran without the barrels, unless they had a stupid amount of luck.
Ares84PS3  +   1916d ago
I don't know how you did that on veteran.
As soon as I stuck my head out I got shot so I had to peak out shoot and back to cover in seconds.
BX81  +   1916d ago
LOL! I swear I thought I was the only one stuck on this part! I'm still there I'm about to fire it up though. It's hard as fuck but that's good to me. So many games are easy now. I couldn't beat the last guy in KZ2 lol.
Ares84PS3  +   1916d ago
Radec was a pain on the hardest mode.
But after hours of trying I did it. But I think he is one of the hardest bosses you can fight in a video game.
braane  +   1916d ago
Actually... I tried, tried, and tried some more. I just didn't have the patience to sit through all the enemies coming after me... so usually i would run in there guns blazing after about 30 kills. In the end I just lowered the difficulty for the level. Since I have now beat the game I will probably go back through and beat this one on veteran.
richard919  +   1916d ago
SOG was cake, i beat it on my first try. Executive order was a little tougher but i got it after a couple tries...smoke grenades are your friend in the that tunnel section.
extermin8or  +   1916d ago
SOG was easy did it no deaths, executive order took literally hours -_- in veteran, so hard.
Daimyo  +   1916d ago
Could NOT get through this level for about 30 minutes until I started using explosive crossbow bolts. Fire one in the middle of the hallway next to the enemies in hiding and as soon as it explodes move up.
The frequency of the respawning enemies at the last corner of the hallway is beyond fucking ridiculous though, I nailed one of the guys with an explosive bolt and as soon as it exploded and killed both him and the guy next to him another guy appeared right next to them, this part was not done very well at all.
SwiftShot  +   1916d ago
Haha didn't think anyone else had a problem with this and I honestly don't remember but it was in the 2-4 hour mark in one session I got to Project Nova and feared to go on. But this was definitely one of those "I really F**CKING" hope this isn't were I get stuck and possibly break my game/controller" also Numbers pissed me off a little random person would kill me but made it thru after like 20-30 minutes.
Szarky  +   1916d ago
This level actually made me start thinking of selling the game but I pushed through on Veteran and finished it. Then I finished the knife the napalm barrel level thanks only to accidentally reading a tip from a blog or maybe even a comment here on N4G before buying the game. Not much longer after that, I think I was in Hong Kong I realized I was forcing myself to play the game. I wasn't enjoying it at all, I absolutely HATED the fact that instead of making smart teammate and enemy AI they gave us retarded teammates who do nothing and get in the way and enemy AI that respawns. Cheap, lazy, rushed!

Posted an ad on craigslist, sold it for $50 within 2 hours I had someone at my door picking it up.

Tried multiplayer but I after putting almost 100 hours into BC2 it's really hard to get into COD style run and gun. No vehicles, no destruction, no swawning on your squad.

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