Play Warhawk with PS3 Fanboy this weekend

Stay on the lookout for the room PSFanboy throughout Labor Day weekend. We're taking a break from all our worries with a good ol' game of Warhawk. See you online!

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heroman7113736d ago

sweet ill see u guus there

boi3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

im waiting for my 120gb HDD to arrive this week and a HDTV then i will download Warhawk...I just can't wait for it and I knwo im missing 1 of the best games atm... :(

I was going to buy it when it coems out here (UK) like 2 weeks i think but i just can not wait lol

tell me is it? lol

Synex3736d ago

But it seems to be sold out everywhere and my local Gamestop doesn't get it's second shipment of Warhawk until tomorrow. Does anyone know if the gamestop stores are open on Labor Day?

DEADEND3736d ago

God I really want this game, its the only mulit-player game that I really like besides RFOM.