IGN: Xbox 360 Game of the Month: August 2007

IGN Xbox 360 Team and readers pick the "Game of the Month," runner-up, and "Xbox Live Arcade Game of the Month" for August 2007.

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cloud3604069d ago

Seriouslly bioshock is overated.

its not Even a franchise game

An sum dumb people make it look big coz thats the biggest thing they will get.....


hopper_papa_roach4069d ago

It doesnt have to be a franchise game to be fun to play, and in my opinion bioshock is under rated a lot of people were overlooking this game for so long and really just caught the hype around the demos release.

FirstknighT4069d ago

It's nice to see that this game is getting the recognition it deserves. One of the best games ever created.

BloodySinner4069d ago

Bioshock is doing some good for the Xbox 360 just like the Chronicles of Riddick did for the Xbox in the last generation. I'm not so sure if it sold as much, though.