It’s Okay To Kill Cubans

Connor Beaton writes: "After all, it’s not like they’re Americans. Rewind a few years and you’ll remember the ceaseless controversy regarding a scene in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 where you have the option to shoot American civilians. Infinity Ward were forced to offer players the option to skip the scene, which was called “disturbing”. Let’s take an objective view at the opening of Call of Duty: Black Ops and compare."

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TenSteps2867d ago

Didn't the "disturbing" scene in MW2 feature not American Civilians but Russian ones?

Hence the title "No Russian" as in make the people watching think it's a terrorist act made by Americans against Russia.

Just saying.

prodigal_twit2866d ago

that's pretty much when the article lost it's merit with me...

robo36872866d ago

it lost it with me when i read "rewind a few years"....

it was last year...

Sarcasm2866d ago

Pretty much shows the intelligence of the Author.

MisterNiwa2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

In Black Ops you kill Nazis, Vietcongs, Russians, Cubans and Britishs. Every of them were enemies of the Americans, how cheap can a game get in this department?

Well Treyarch had their fair amount of Japanese to kill in World At War thats why they were cutted in this game, prolly.

R2D22867d ago

but if you made Call of Duty with the Japanese army or any other country as the team you fight with - how much Americans do you think would buy Call of Duty.

Quagmire2867d ago

I have yet to play a game where America is the enemy for once, and you kill them. Hopefully Homefront will satisfy in some way.

Red_Orange_Juice2866d ago

isnt Homefront about defending US from China or Korea

Ashriel2866d ago

uh, but you DO kill americans in MW2, in the last levels.

RedDead2866d ago

That's differant though, your not attacking the US.

KotC2866d ago

I think games have pretty much covered the killing of every race including aliens.

Sarcasm2866d ago

Yeah, one day the aliens will write an article and accuse Americans of being their alien equivalent of the devil.

RedDead2866d ago

I would personally love to invade/rape/pillage the Us in a video game. Although i'm Irish not American. The hidden propaganda in the US is rediculous.

TenSteps2866d ago

You spelled rediculous wro...

*reads username*

*sees red in the misspelled word*

The hidden propganda in that typo is ridiculous.


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gillri2867d ago

im an englishman and I loved shooting the british special forces in Black Ops

fryday2866d ago

I'm german ...

nuff said ^^

big_silky2867d ago

the difference is that after you shoot castro, the chick pulls a gun on you.

in "no russian" you were slaughtering unarmed, innocent civilians.

im-12-years-old2866d ago

*in "no russian" you were slaughtering unarmed, innocent pieces of data in a disc*


labwarrior2866d ago

The American goverment has been trying for years to kill Castro, with multiple real attempts

The killing in the game is the least of America's crimes

yewles12866d ago

*facepalm* Are you IN Cuba now?...

outwar60102866d ago

ohhh so america are there offering aid for the BS they've pulled up to this point everyone whos picked up a history book knows that americas attitude to developing countries is to treat it as their playground and to keep who they like in power and nuke everyone else(they trained cuban exiles and armed them in the bay of pigs and then pulled out at last moment so the exiles got slaughtered they didnt tell you that in the game did they)

antz11042866d ago

Agreed with Yewles,

you guys need to get off your soapboxes and go play your games, you've got alot of pent up anger.

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