Aussie and NZ Nintendo fans are fed up, Nintendo.


"Aussie-Nintendo reader, Aaron Davies of New Zealand, has done what we'll admit that we've been intending to do for quite some time. He's taken the time to put pen to paper for the analysis of Nintendo's absurd approach to releasing games in South Pacific regions like Australia long after their other English-speaking counterparts."

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Bloodmask4121d ago

BS. Games and consoles should be treated equally for pricepoint based on the current exchange rates.

I never new it was that much higher in Australia. And release dates should at least be in a similar timeframe.

stunt2134121d ago

so wii game in AU is like 100$, damn thats rip off.

FreeMonk4121d ago

I'm from the UK, and Europe normally get most titles way later than in the States and Japan.

Trauma Center - SO came out in Aug 07 over here whereas it's been available in the States and Japan since launch. It was already translated into English, hence a US version.

So why it took so long to ship it to Europe, especially when they are shipping crap like Excite Truck and Far Cry Vengence is a mystery.

We have yet to receive Super Paper Mario!!

Yet even though Europe get shafted by Nintendo, the Australians must be arch enemies to Nintendo. They get treated like dog crap on the bottom of the big N's shoe.

commadore654120d ago

But we did get strikers charged first. I think thats probably a first though. normally everything is later in PAL.

Personally I think it's a bit much whining about like they are here, should be used to it after years of it happening. UK and Europe have the same prob I think AUS get it similar time to us right?

Shame that the prices of games are higher than the US. On the DS it costs the same to get a game off ebay before it's released here. got ff3 months before PAL release.

Zhuk4121d ago

Japanese companies have traditionally treated Australia like dirt (Nintendo, Sega and Sony) when it comes to consoles and especially game releases. Things have markedly improved however since Microsoft has led the way in getting games out here really fast Sony has improved a fair bit but Nintendo STILL drags its feet.

barom4121d ago

PS3 games are region free, is it easy to get imported games in NZ and Aus?

Zhuk4121d ago

Play Asia is great and region free games are AWESOME, but the problem largely lies with Nintendo these days.

Though we don't get Warhawk on the shelves till September 20th :( i want the headset

Cosmo4121d ago

Yeah PS3 is region free, I happen to agree they do treat the Australia consumer unfairly.

The one thing I do find a bit annoying is how much they charge games. A great example is Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2. It cost $120 at most retail stores (EB games) which is fine but it is $47 AUD more then US pays.

An increase in price is fine for shipping but it works out to about $40 USD more.

the_bebop4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

Zhuk I have to agree with you.

Cosmo, that is because it is a third party game which is usally $20 more then first part titles.

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unsunghero284121d ago

I think Nintendo is just doing what every other company in existence is doing- trying to make as much as money as possible.

Their entire battle plan with the Wii is geared toward making more profit than its more powerful competitors. That's not really a bad thing per se, but it can cause problems in regions like Australia and New Zealand that don't fit into the big picture quite as neatly as America or Europe.

I agree that it's not fair, but Nintendo isn't the only company that's doing it. It happens not just in video games but in just about every single industry. If anyone really feels so strongly about the subject, the best thing to do is either get a North American/Japanese Wii or just move to North America/Japan.

Rooftrellen4121d ago

The funny thing is, Nintendo is the only company pushing toward no region locking.

The DS isn't, and it was quite a suprise the Wii was (I have been told its easier to make a region free handheld).

Its not right, but at least Nintendo has made a move. We'd be lieing to ourselves if we said almost every (if not every) console out, to date, has done the same thing.

Lets hope for a region free next gen.

level 3604121d ago

The more reason a lot of gamers go to modders just to get back at these stupid and ridiculous price manipulation on the games that are released over here.
And this is what they call globalization...

Azurite4121d ago

Can't they import games from Europe?

the_bebop4121d ago

The only Console out at the moment which you could import games for is the PS3 since games for the console is region free. So the short of it is know. Here is a link to the PDF file of the actual report, which will help to explain it a bit more.

Azurite4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

Australia got PAL like Europe, should work. :/

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