Blu-ray's Pirates of the Caribbean has framing issues

Blu-ray is starting to look like the Bad News Bears: analysts predicting death, deserting studios and now, one of Blu-ray's biggest releases, Pirates of the Caribbean , exhibiting terrible framing issues. It's important to note that the picture quality is intact but heads are being cut off -- and not by swashbuckling pirates.

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Fighter4070d ago

Consumers have the right to know about this issue. Disney should give replacements just like Sony did with the Fifth Element. I'm planning to buy the trilogy of Pirates when it comes out but now i may wait a few days to find out if this problem still exists.

I must add that I did watch Pirates on Blu Ray and the picture quality was superb but I really didn't know this framing problem existed cause I never saw it in theatres.

Evil0Angel4070d ago

but it seems BR camp shoot them self in the foot with REALLY BIG SHOOT GUN

Bordel_19004069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

This story is pure bullshit.

Ther's nothing wrong with the PotC Blu-ray movies.

It's yet another lie by HD-DVD fanatics and Xbots, just an atmept to make Blu-ray look bad.

SaturnTo4069d ago

I don't have any cropping issues with my copy of PotC,! This is all lies! There is no cropping issue!

Omegasyde4069d ago

This is one of Many fanboy related articles attacking blu-ray. This company word means jack since they attack anything with Blu-rays name on it and give false facts "glorifying" the imaginary benefits of HD DVD.

Another site with no creditbility due to the constant favoritism for certain items because of $$$. I wonder with HD DVD company is giving them the funds to post such crap.

hazeblaze4069d ago

I have the Pirates blu rays and this does not occur at all with mine... I think that this news may be a pure lie.

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Bloodmask4070d ago

I respect your post. And yes consumers do have a right to know. The only thing wrong with this article is that it should be changed to Tech.

But most people reporting this article have a personal agenda and it is painfully obvious. And it is ruining this site.

Fighter4070d ago

If this does not get approved then I have no problem. I don't think most of those user reports are just submitted because they have any hidden agendas (or to get N4G points) but it's funny to see the bull sh*t that does get approved over real news. This may not be related to gaming but it's tech news and I have seen Blu-ray (or HD DVD) news posted before.

It's the weekend so give me a break LOL.

Lord Anubis4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

I hope Disney takes action for the mistake. I'm awaiting Cars on blu-ray :)

blackrose54070d ago

I can't see anything wrong in those images

ITR4070d ago

I think you need some glasses.
Your losing about 20% of the frame in the way BD is cropping it.

Lord Anubis4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

ITR and you need to hit the books. loosing 20% of the frame?

i'll give you a hint it's still 16:9

@ blackrose

Here lad:

ITR4069d ago

So it's not a loss of frame when the head and bodies of actors are cropped off? Did you even look at the normal 16:9 images vs the framing error BD 16:9 images?
Your losing the top portion of the movie.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4069d ago

some of the screen is chopped off.

Lord Anubis4069d ago

ITR you need to look at the Images again. I'll give you a hint no format can display the true resolution of the image so they have to balance which part of the frame they show. I'll tell you again the frame is still have the same resolution and 16:9

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DiabloRising4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

Both of those shots are from Curse of the Black Pearl. Released to consumers, I do believe, on May 22nd of this year on BluRay. Can someone then please tell me why we are just finding out about this NOW, and not 3 months ago? Anyone? Anyone? SOMEONE?

Edit - How can you agree or disagree with this? It's a QUESTION people. If someone would answer it that would be great, since this news SHOULD be about 3 months old at this point, if I have my dates correct.