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Submitted by TriggerHappy 3082d ago | news

Blu-ray holds 90% of market share in Japan, and outselling HD-DVD in EU/US - IFA 2007

Today at IFA press day, the BDA gave a presentation running through the status of operations along with studio bigshots from Disney, Warner Bros and Fox. Here's the rundown on what they said:

- Blu-ray holds 90% market share in Japan for both movies and hardware
- In US Blu-ray has 63% standalone unit market share and over 66% of hi-def disc sales
- 70% of hi-def sales in Europe are Blu-ray with 3:1 ratio over HD DVD (Industry, Tech)
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TriggerHappy  +   3082d ago
Impressive!. Good news, hope this means this accursed war is finally coming to a close with a victor slowly looming in from the not so distant future.

PS: Mind you, am not saying Blu-ray has won the war, the point am making is that, things are looking really good for them right now.
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cuco33  +   3082d ago
sorry... war is FAR from over...
look at the facts with an unbiased view... HDM (high def movies) make a blip of profit in overall movie sales regardless of where you are. HD DVD has made a big stride in US only and very little in europe and asia (all soon to change)

i'm neutral but will state it'll be years before either camp wins. also note, anything a USA resident preaches about euro or asia should note most films made in those regions don't mean squat since BD is region coded and hence can only play USA titles. like gaming, who cars how sales are in europe or japan. if you are an american, look only at american figures
ktchong  +   3082d ago
Will not be over for the next 18 months
considering Paramount/Dreamworks have an 18-month exclusivity contract with HD DVD.
TriggerHappy  +   3082d ago
So basically, their deal is timed ?
Infernus  +   3081d ago
Blu-Ray games are region free. BD aren't region free by default. I could buy a US PS3 game when it comes out and play it on my UK PS3. The only reason I don't do that is because the game comes out just 2 days later over here.

What do you mean sales in Europe and Japan mean squat? There are more regions than just the USA Region 1 you know... The region coding is exactly the same as it was for DVD's in terms of movies. For games there is no region locking and you can moves games around different regions without any problems.

Also, this is global news; not just news for the US. I certainly want to see how Blu-Ray is doing compared to HD-DVD because I want to know what the future holds for movies, games and disc storage media. No I don't have a blu-ray drive built into my computer, the things are expensive, but we should be looking ahead not just looking at the present and the past. Blu-Ray discs have a larger capacity. Single layer BD's are only 5GB smaller than double layer HD-DVD's, with the dual layer BD providing a huge amount of space at 50GB that I don't think games could fill up for many years. Ever heard of a 50GB game? Nah didn't think so, but it's nice to know there's a media that can provide that. Blu-Ray has my support all the way.
Bloodmask  +   3082d ago
Close to a victor....That's pretty amusing.
With Bluray sales acounting for about 3 % of total DVD sales worldwide. And HDDVD about 2%. So total HD media sales make up about 5% of the market.

On order for either format to win you would need to achieve at least 51% DVD market share. That won't happen for years.

Most consumers are still buying DVD-9 and will be for quite some time. Get back to me in about 2012.
Bathyj  +   3082d ago
51% would be to win the whole market. BR only has to win the HD movie market.

Once it does, then overall penetration will climb because fence sitters wont be so nervous anymore.
Rageanitus  +   3082d ago
blood mask, your a very sad person
Always trying to downplay blu-ray... and it sad that you bring up the argument of attach rate and stand alone players, but those things are of the past) Hd-dvd is still losing ground.

And to bring up the standard dvd argument.... it is just pathetic. You make it sound like hd movie watching should take over standard dvd immediatly. Sorry but there is the concept of TRANSITION period.
TheFatOne  +   3082d ago
you always have to put down any BD related news, but if it was HD DVD then you would be praising it saying that BD is all but dead. Well it's obvious that BD is winning now, but it will still take a year or two to destroy HD DVD.
Bloodmask  +   3082d ago
Yes I do usually praise HDDVD..
But that is for the sole purpose of pissing off Sonykids bc they irritate me. Note....not Sony fans, Sony kids.....My above statement is a very logical statement and also very unbiased yet people still disagree with me.

It took many years for DVD to overtake VHS. This format war has basicly just started. When people made the jump to DVD it was a huge uprade from VHS. The only differences this time are the resolution and sound quality. And HDTVs don't even have a mass market penetration yet. Not to mention how many people have the kind of stereo equipment with HDMI outputs to truly take advantage of the sound upgrade yet??
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stunt213  +   3082d ago
i dont know what world u live in today but u have to go to a junkyard to find VHS today and no one even watch movies on VHS today because u will never see any new release movies in VHS again.
Rageanitus  +   3082d ago
Sony Kids eh
to me you sound more like a kid who cant afford the luxuries of blu-ray or hd-dvd.

And yes it took many years (~10 years) for dvd to mature.
Whats your point, blu-ray\hd-dvd is progressing just as fast.

hdtvs will also increase in market share. Its not people will not buy them within the next couople of years.
Scrooge  +   3082d ago
I read an article stating that 90% of all BD are played on PS3's. Is this true? If so, would these huge production companies invest their money purely on a demograph that consists of video-gamers? I think the war still has a long way to go.
The Karate Kid  +   3082d ago
A True Sony Kid That Doesn't Want To Grow Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 year from today there will be nearly 15 Million PS3 consoles sold worldwide which means a whole lot of Blu-Ray movies being sold daily!

3.5 Million in Japan

6 Million North America

4.5 Million Europe

With nearly all the manufacting companies supporting blu-ray the retail will be overloaded with players that is indeed dropping in price every quarter. not to mention a Possible Playstation 3 Price Drop in March 08" and it will be all over for HD-DVD.

Can't even start on all the possible Blu-Ray movies that will drop in Q4 and all the movies that will launch in 2008. My Prediction is that this war will be officially over by X-mas 2008. Just in time for Finding Nemo On Blu-Ray =)
gsx-r  +   3082d ago
your new name should be Toolbox.
neogeo  +   3081d ago
If PS3 wins then blueray will win
IF the AAA games sell like hotcakes and there is another price cut this year then the war will end very soon.
RINGOFDEATH  +   3082d ago
Blu Ray winner
Numbers dont lie .
ReBurn  +   3081d ago
Numbers may not lie, but statistics do. Neither format is doing all that well compared to DVD.
ALIEN  +   3082d ago
Blu-ray wins, EASY!
Bathyj  +   3082d ago
In US Blu-ray has 63% standalone unit market share

Thats interesting. So thats not even counting PS3. You would thing if you included everything BR would be about 90% at least.
cdzie1  +   3082d ago
Actually, the data is misleading. Blu-ray does not have a 63% marketshare in standalone units, but standalone sales. Because Blu-ray players cost much more than HD DVD players. In the amount of units sold, HD DVD still has a sizeable lead in units sold.
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TheExodus  +   3082d ago
So Blu-ray needs an install base over twice that of HD-DVD to sell as many discs & this is a positive how again?
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soccerluv  +   3082d ago
90 percent in Japan and I believe it. But, good luck finding Blue Ray disks. The only place you can buy them here is online and Best Buy type stores. Far from the mainstream yet.

@GSX The point is, it's still far from the public eye. Just like the states. Most people don't even know what Blue Ray is. When players become cheaper and more mainstream, these articles will have meaning. Until then it's just fodder for flame wars for techies like us.
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gsx-r  +   3082d ago
Whats wrong with that? I buy all my blu-rays from best buy and amazon...where else would you need to find em at?
solidt12  +   3081d ago
Dude WAL-MART even has Blu-Ray, it's not hard to find
Every department store has Blu-Ray. Even music stores are carrying them, Target ect. Maybe you haven't been looking.
Lord Anubis  +   3082d ago
as expected
Snukadaman  +   3082d ago
The point is both dvd formats have a long way to go
Regardless who wins this format war, People are not interested in buying a new format and also new dvd's when they allready got library's of dvd's. I for one am in that camp and im sitting at the sidelines watching both formats. Look at sales of this summers release 300. Dvd alone in the first week sold 7 million copy's. While both blu-ray and hd-dvd sold 250,000 copys together.
regular dvd sales
killer_trap  +   3082d ago
casting aside the high def war. i haven't seen any movie since braveheart
that i wanted to buy. i guess i'm not into movies that much.

edit: oops forgot that i'm a big fan of pirates of the Caribbeans.
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solidt12  +   3081d ago
pirates of the Caribbeans. Exclusively on Blu-Ray
Then you will want a Blu-Ray if you want Hi-Def because Disney is Exclusive to Blu-Ray.
progx  +   3082d ago
lol bloodmask
The sonykids wanna know what world you live in? I think they call it the real world.
Da Ghostdog  +   3082d ago
You people kill me!!!
Here we ago again.... Same ole' ****, different toilet. Nothing new. This war is far from over.
gEnKiE  +   3082d ago
Blu-Ray failing? hmmmmm......
akira  +   3082d ago
Blue ray is winning not just here in the US but also around the world. Its only a matter of time till hddvd dies. Blue ray all the way!!! AAUUU!!!
ReBurn  +   3082d ago
I sit back and laugh at these kinds of articles. People like to claim that one format is destroying the other, but the reality for both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD is that neither format is setting the world on fire right now. The overall market penetration is really weak when you consider the actual number of households with DVD players in relatonship to households with HD movie players. Only a handful of HD movies have passed 100,000 in unit sales, which is not all that great when compared to standard DVD that typically sells millions of copies for high profile movies.

Once the format shakes out and there is one format left standing, the next step is to try to build some mass-market appeal. HD content is still somewhat of a boutique offering. There are a lot of people who own HDTV's that are quite happy with the way that progressive scan DVD players and upscaling DVD players make standard DVD releases look on their TV's. So the "winning" high-def movie format is still facing quite an uphill battle. When people go to the store to buy movies they aren't thinking of the technical superiority of the format. They just want to watch movies.

The one good thing that Blu-Ray and HD-DVD have going for them is that they are backward compatible with standard DVD's. That is so critically important and is such a major distinction between the VHS and DVD transition. Since people don't have to throw out thier libraries, one thing that is going to be highly important is price. I'm guessing price will be more important than content at this point because people can still get ALL movies on DVD and HD releases run $10 more than DVD.

So be careful when saying that the format choice is clear only because of sales percentages within the small HD movie market. Statistics and percentages are very misleading. The mass market is going to side with whatever can satisfy demand at the lowest price point, and HD-DVD players going so low in price is going to get mass market attention. The Blu-Ray camp is going to have to get hardware prices lower to succeed in the overall market.
HandShandy  +   3082d ago
Here's my ten pence!
Hi my name is Handshandy and I'm a film buff, here's my story:

I own a 40" S-Series Bravia LCD HD TV (not 1080p) and I love my movies as much as my games. I worked in consumer electronics so I was kinda impressed by the whole HD-DVD thing (We didn't have bluray in the store) and I ended up forking out £400 on a Toshiba HD-DVD Player.

What a gorgeous machine it was, not only for HD-DVD but for it's upscaling ability on ordinary DVDs. I bought V-For vendetta on HD-DVD.. wow awesome.

Then came march and I got my PS3 on launch day and a few weeks later got my casino royal bluray through the mail.

HD-DVD was better quality and had better features to be honest, it seemed to have the quality edge over bluray.. which kinda cheesed me off because I had spent £400 on an HD-DVD player and £425 for a PS3.

I eventually sold my Toshiba HD-DVD player along with the 3 moveis I had for it because there were simply MORE and MORE films on bluray... just so much better choice and I wanted to put my PS3 to it's best use for the money I paid.

I still think in those early days HD-DVD had their heads screwed on better than bluray but it seems HD-DVD is just being left in a cloud of smoke... from the 20 HD-DVDs you see on a shelf to the 80 odd Bluray's you see on a shelf and the figures you read it's pretty obvious what people are going to choose.

HD-DVD is last year's format. I had to choose bluray kinda against my own will coming to think about it... I would of liked to have kept both formats in the pipe line but nothing ever new gets released on HD-DVD.

I reccomend picking up an xbox360 HD-DVD addon drive from a clearance or bargin bin if you really want to see an HD-DVD. That's if your old 360 hasn't packed up first :P
Bill Gates  +   3082d ago
But, but, but, but, Oh screw you guys. We still have Viva Pinata....AAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

XTURDS are a bunch of TOOLS.

Chriswsm  +   3082d ago
I dont care which. I will stick to DVD for a while yet. The quality difference is not worth the price difference.

I have two BRD Xmen 3 and Casino Royale, both were free and both look great but I am happy with DVD for at least the next few years.
Daxx  +   3082d ago
Same here. I'm completely fine with DVD.
GnaM  +   3082d ago
Fvck both of 'em. I'm tired of hearing about the format wars.
PimpHandHappy  +   3082d ago
Here is the simple fact as i see it! REPEAT: AS I SEE IT
HD-DVD and the 18month deal that toshiba and MS paid for was just for survival! Toshiba and MS went into partnership on HD-DVD with Toshiba making stand alone players and MS using this format for there games on the 360!

It was a smart move on MS and Toshiba's part but as far as movie stuideos go they know what they will need in the future and thats why you see most major movie makers backing blueray! Its also why moive producers such as Steven Spielberg and Micheal Bay both had a backlash on Paramont! They understand why blueray is better! Its selling more and it holds more info and reads that info faster.

That being said

MS cant have the format that they had choosen for there system to go dead in under two years! How could they tell ppl they want there system to be the center of all ur entertainment needs when HD-DVD is the nextgen beta tape in under two years! Well now they will have movies to point to for atleast 18 more months! Therefor extending the life cycle of the 360 and the format!

Shame Toshiba has to carry the major load here considering no one pays for the 360 HD-DVD add on.

I mean think about it

Who is going to buy a 360 then add on a HD-DVD player that brings the price up around PS3 standerds with the system at a 33%fail rate?!?!?

You can have a blueray player that you can use for emails, phone calls, video chat and some of the best game franhcises in the history of gaming. You can also surf the web even thou i would rather use my laptop or my PC for that stuff. All this with a blueray player that is also called PS3!

Thank Sony for being ahead of the curve again!

i still buy DVD's also!
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Saint Sony  +   3081d ago
Who cares if its 100% for Blu-ray. There is already better formats coming.
sleepbox  +   3081d ago
They both will fail. The new Terra Byte disc will win.
Daxx  +   3081d ago
That's what I'm looking forward to.
Demon1980  +   3081d ago
Please don't talk like ur retarded. Do you know how much a terabyte disk will cost?.....I thought so.
HondaSIRowner  +   3081d ago
Blu-Ray is almost there.....
BR is so close to victory. HD-DVD is almost dead everywhere. The best part is, I'm purchasing a PS3 in late September along with 2 BR movies. So the BR market will go even further with PS3 owners. Then in the near future there will probably be a price cut for BR players, seeing that BR is almost a triumph.
PimpHandHappy  +   3081d ago
i see ppl already looking to the next format! Well if you own a 360 ur going to replace it for a new format!


When that new format hits the market it will be 5 years from now! Blueray was anonced in 2002!
GRAMPAGAMER  +   3081d ago
Technology will leave both HD and Blueray marrooned on a deserted island to die alone in the harsh sea of discontent.
because of the high cost of and relative poor quality(contrast and brightness levels are hundreds of times weaker than tube tv's)of high definition tv's.

the market penetration is not high enough to make either format a necessity or priority.

and with the option of streaming high def content from the internet being a more economical solution.(not to mention digital broadcasts will be mandatory in 2009)it comes down to how much money the average american can afford to blow (not a lot)

it's not necessary to own either format.

already researchers have found ways exceed the capacities of blu ray by a hundred fold.

the technology will be a niche market at best. unless by some miracle the prices of HD tv's drop like a red hot meteor, and the cost of HD dvd players drop in direct proportion.

the whole High Def Hype has been artificially created anyway and IT'S functionality has already been surpassed by so many better alternatives it's not even funny, REMEMBER THE $3000 LASER DISK PLAYER???
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GRAMPAGAMER  +   3081d ago
I really don't need either one,
we have the technology to get high def content now at a fraction of the cost.
edonus   3081d ago | Spam
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