Are You Optimistic About Gran Turismo 5?

Everyone has been waiting, Even Sony had waited for Polyphony Digital to complete a masterpiece which they claimed to be the most anticipated game of the decade. Gran Turismo 5 has finally gotten a solid release date, After given gamers alot of heartbreak and a reason to hate the word “delayed”

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InfectedDK2713d ago

GT5 is gonna make all the haters cry like they have never done before. Nothing can compete with GT5.

OneSneakyMofo2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

I love all of the negative things that are being siad. "WHAT? They don't have my fuchsia lime green with a hint of yellow as a color? BLASPHEMY!!! 4 out of 10."

Don't hate, appreciate.

Elwenil2713d ago

I'm not optimistic, I'm very confident. I'm sure there will be things I will love and others I will wonder "why did they do that?" but overall I am confident in Kaz's vision that this will be epic to the extreme and give me plenty of joys and frustrations, laughs and moments of despair but most of all a sense of fufillment and the elation that only comes to gearheads in competition.

Sunny_D2713d ago

Of course I am! I've been waiting for it for a LONG time! I'm not a negative nancy that will complain over one thing that PD doesn't do right in the game.

andron6662713d ago

I pre-ordered it today, 24th can't come fast enough...

NecrumSlavery2713d ago

me too. pre-ordered from Gamestop. got bonus nascars. good marketing to the american motor sport but i dont watch nascar. i am excited to drive one though in this game.

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MariaHelFutura2714d ago

Optimistic = Understatement

RememberThe3572713d ago

it optimism mixed with excitement, a bit of wonder, and some reservation (I don't want to get my hopes unrealistically high).

proudly_X2714d ago

GT5 could put both the 360 and ps3 on the same sales track . . i might be wrong though . . .

MariaHelFutura2714d ago

I don`t think you are......

Biggest2713d ago

He's wrong. I don't see how the release of one of the most anticipated PS3 games would magically increase the sales of Xbox 360 to PS3 levels.

Nariko-20112714d ago

And thats why GT doesn't have them...Um how then do the Forza games have them? Forza 3 has 30!

PirateThom2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

EA licence the rights out, they're happy enough to licence to Turn 10 for whatever reasons.

Once that licence expires, changes or a deal is struck, you'll get Porsche in GT.

Shadow Flare2714d ago

For the mean time, we'll just have to settle with RUF in GT5.

....which are porsches

Motorola2713d ago

stop bringing up Forza, it has nothing to do with GT5. and i know your trying to start a flamewar. dumb troll

Nariko-20112714d ago

...that Forza is the only game this generation that has Lambo's, Porsches and Ferrari's?

Call_me_Ishmael2714d ago

nah gt has those cars,porches not sure though

ExplosionSauce2713d ago

Have you been absent from gaming for the past 2 or so years? Lol

GT5 has Lambos, RUF, and Ferraris.

To give you a clue as to what "RUF" is, here:

ryuzu2714d ago

GT has RUF, Lambo and Ferrari.



Strikepackage Bravo2713d ago

very few Ferraris, and hardly any Lambos, no Reventon, but plenty of Nissans and Mazdas.

acedoh2713d ago

of Porsche... If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and talks like a duck... It must be a duck. It's a weak argument from Forza fans.

ngecenk2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

okay... forza fans... line up...

now in GTs car list, RUF means this

not this

so yes. GT5 has porsche!
now shut up and play your halos shit!

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