MAG "Among the most played PS3 games out there"

MAG 256 player online shooter is among the most played ps3 games out there according to Zipper.
"Obviously we don't hit the same numbers we had in our first few months in terms of concurrent and daily users, but we're still amongst the most played online PS3 games out there"-Dunham
Sr. Community Manager

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MariaHelFutura2871d ago

It has a hardcore following, the people who play it play it alot.

metsgaming2870d ago

good to know people are still playing it in large numbers

Anorexorcist2870d ago

At least according to the demo, but I had a knee-jerk reaction to pick it up once it became a Greatest Hit, and it is a good game. Maybe not good enough (i.e. simple enough) to turn the heads of all the COD fanboys out there, but good enough.

Sayai jin2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Never tried it. Need to give it a whirl.

Edit: Quick question for those who play? Is there a lot of people who do not communicate (no mic) on this. Becuase that really frustrates me when I am playing a strategic team game and the team cannot communicate a strategy.

ExPresident2870d ago

Depends really on the group you get with. Clearly your gonna be better off gaming with people you know as thats how it is in any game. That being said if you go as a random and just start talking and communicating your going to find others who are willing to do it with you. Lot of good players play random games when their friends aren't on just waiting to communicate with others.

MAG is an EXCELLENT game.

Blaine2870d ago

And most people will have a mic. Just don't join a clan where all people do is talk about random sh!t--try to join one that communicates strategically.

If you're playing with randoms, the majority don't have mics, or don't use them properly. The important roles--squad leaders, platoon leaders, and OIC--will usually be handed out to players with mics (that doesn't mean they know what to do though).

The game is well setup so you can get by without much communication--i.e.: fragos. Squad leaders can highlight the objective they want their squad to focus on. Beyond that, communication is really for micromanagement; watch your back, you're being flanked, they're trying to take the objective from the back, etc.

Redempteur2870d ago

you can still play well without a mic as long as you're not the one giving orders and your team is properly managed ...

pixelsword2870d ago

Get into a good clan. I am in a clan and I have a mic, but if I'm not with my clan, I don't use my mic unless I feel the squad leader is trying.

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PimpHandHappy2870d ago

i really need to get back into this game

Cajun Chicken2870d ago

Isn't this out on platinum now? I might be tempted you know.

UltimateIdiot9112870d ago

I just recently bought it with the starter kit.

PC Richard has a good deal. $19.96 + 2.99 shipping.

Sevir042870d ago

its totally not the same game they released 10 months ago!

KozmoOchez2870d ago

the game has really changed a ton since release, but thats b/c the devs really listen to the community

Blaine2870d ago

Used to be, at launch, that I could easily take on more than 5 people at once and come out unscathed! With the LMG I'd pull up the crosshairs to head level and strafe while spreading the led around, and I'd hit almost nothing but heads.

Now, my brutally honest opinion, is that I enjoy the game less, but at the same time I acknowledge that it's definitely a better game. I use the AR, SMG, and shotgun a lot more now, and if there's more than 2 people I can usually forget about living through the encounter! But it makes it more enjoyable for my opposition, and makes the game more tactical when you can't be a one-man army and have to rely on your squad.

So the game changed for the better.

raztad2870d ago

MAG is a league on its own. One of the best experience I had in a FPS online. Zipper has done an incredible job pulling what many doubted, a massive multiplayer game that actually works and is fun.

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