Videogamers Beware: Hillary's Not On Your Side

Hillary Clinton is no friend of video gaming. In fact, along with Sens. Joe Lieberman, Johnson and Bayh, she proudly introduced the Family Entertainment Protection Act in November, 2005. The Wikipedia entry explains that this law if enacted would have exacted "fines of $1000 dollars or 100 hours of community service for a first time offense of selling a 'Mature' or 'Adult-Only' rated video game to a minor, and $5000 or 500 hours for each subsequent offense."

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Delt44122d ago

dude how can she hate on the kids that just want a little bit of halo or killzone2 maybe even some bioshock. Well if she hates on gamers i hate on that bumper sticker says HILL NO IN 08 (lmao)

ktchong4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

The person (Paul Levinson) who wrote the source article also wrote these:


He's also in the "Friends of Ron Paul" network and is a fundraiser for Ron Paul:

Please notice that the person who submitted this article is SPAMMING in EVERY SINGLE category in N4G.

Please report this article if you do not want N4G to be used as a place for negative political campaigns.

Like a shadow I am4122d ago

the Ron dude should not be using a gaming forum to run political ad against his opponent. That's just classless and low.

snoop_dizzle4122d ago

its been known for a while that she isn't.

Wii60_FTW4122d ago

who cares, Ron Paul is for the constitution and is not a Nazi like Bush and Clinton. Leave him be.


the_round_peg4122d ago

Ron Paul is also 100% anti-abortion.

Look at his voting record -- it's a guarantee that he'll find ways to repeal abortion right if he becomes the president.

the ONLY good things about Ron Paul -- the ONLY good things -- are that he is consistent, and he has consistently voted against the Iraq War.

Skynetone4122d ago

shes far to busy giving head to bill to care about video-games

Wii60_FTW4122d ago

damn. well, i didnt know that. im very anti-god and religion, so, i am pro abortion. what are you gonna do, i guess... all politicians should just drop dead and stop trying to rule our lives with lies. "BACK TO THE PRIMITIVE!"

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power of Green 4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

A little harsh but choosing games over what this woman can do for world opinion of the US is crazy. Not a problem; only far left gamers will care. J/K who knows if you live in the USA and you are getting emotional over this using games as the deciding factor in forming an opinion about Clinton you need to stop playing games kids.

Daishi4122d ago

Exactly, you need to look at all of her money scandals and the fact that she is married to an impeached president. A bad president can't destroy America, but it certainly wouldn't help anything. Finaly, what's wrong with a bill that punishes people for breaking the law? Just my opinions, but that's what comment sections are for ;)

MrTangent4122d ago

First off, I'm an independent. Admittedly I do lean left, but I side with Republicans on several issues so I'm hardly a Democrat. With that said, there's a lot of ignorance in this thread and I'm going to clear up some of it:

-- Daishi wrote: "Exactly, you need to look at all of her money scandals and the fact that she is married to an impeached president. "

Fact: the Clintons were never charged with any crime in regard to the "money scandals", also known as the Whitewater investigation. Do some research before you spout false information.

While I don't not agree with Clinton's lying under oath about his "sexual relations" with Monica Lewinksy, he should never have been asked to begin with. The Starr investigation and those of other "independent investigators" was a witch-hunt and according to the General Accounting Office cost taxpayers close to $80 million dollars. To put this in to perspective, Bush mysteriously stonewalled calls for an independent investigation in to 9/11 for over a year and only allocated $3 million dollars to investigate the worst act of terrorism on U.S. soil. The matter of Clinton's infidelity was a matter not of the American people but was a private matter between Clinton, his wife and Monica Lewinsky and he should have simply stated that. He did lie, and I do not condone it, but compared to the lies of the Bush administration it's a drop in the pan (lies about weapons of mass destruction, leaking the identity of Valerie Plame to the press, etc.).

-- The_Round_Peg said: "But because Ron Paul uses this place to launch a negative campaign against his opponent... Ron Paul has just lost my vote. I'll make sure that I will NOT vote for him if he runs for the presidential election."

How do we know Ron Paul was behind this or had knowledge someone "spammed" this info? It could be the act of a rogue member of his organization. I'm not saying I know what happened but a little common sense is needed. Ask Ron Paul directly before you act harshly.

-- Sleepbox wrote: "All the helpless liberals cannot help but have the government wipe their butts for them because they are too weak to make their own decisions. Welcome Hillary...welcome communism in the USA...goodbye to good games"

So what proof do you have that Hillary, or any "liberal", would have any control over "good games"? Do you have any proof other than your ignorant statement? As for your statements of communism, you're just an idiot as far as I'm concerned.

-- americanGTA wrote: "this is why i vote republican"

Jack Thompson, the most vocal critic of videogames is Republican: Do you still like Republicans?

Any rational individual who read the article would be able to ascertain that Clinton voting for this piece of legislation was doing NOTHING to censor or harm the gaming industry and was only trying to protect children from viewing material that could harm them psychologically. Would you want 5 year olds viewing hardcore pornography or images of real people being murdered? There's reasons why there's ratings on films, games and music. It is to protect the mental well being of children from harmful influence. The legislation she voted for does not infringe on the adult or teenage gamer's rights in any way, shape or form.

Mr. Tangent

ParaDise_LosT4122d ago

and feast on her entrails!
Maybe I am too violent... o_o
but it doesn't mean Video gamesare to blame....
.....I'm gonna go Shove a Drill on someones Face now :)
...hope they have adams... >:)

BenzMoney4122d ago

What's wrong with wanting to keep mature and AO video games out of the hands of minors? I happen to agree with her on this. If kids want M/AO games, then they should talk to their parents about getting them. If their parents (whose job it is to, you know, raise them) decide that their kids are mature enough to play the game then they can buy it for them.

Armyless4121d ago

Industry standards, Parental control, and Consumer Awareness are key.

The government should NEVER, EVER be given control.