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Submitted by NJShadow 1913d ago | article

PlayStation Home v1.4 Hands-On, Say Goodbye to Loading Times

"PlayStation Home core client update v1.4 has finally hit PS3′s everywhere, and we finally managed to get our hands on it. What should you expect in this tremendous update? Let’s take a look!" (Casual games, Dev, Home, PS3)

Sev  +   1913d ago
Man I used to think she was so hot.
Nathaniel_Drake  +   1913d ago
You got to be kidding me, a few seconds of load time?!?! So even when switching locations it's only a few seconds? That's awesome

Edit: I also heard they implemented MLAA on gametrailers forums, is this true?
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SuperKing  +   1913d ago
That would be cool, jaggies piss me off in Home.
jizzyjones  +   1913d ago
It looks farrrrr too jaggy to be MLAA, although it does look better in places.
DORMIN  +   1913d ago
I've got to check out these new things, sounds pretty great.

I havent been on Home in months.
raztad  +   1913d ago
WOW. Home 1.40 is SLEEK.

The interface is great, short loading times and the graphics are actually good.

I went to inFAMOUS space and it has nice visuals and better AA than inFAMOUS itself O.O It might be MLAA.
ComboBreaker  +   1912d ago
One of the main thing keeping some peoples from Home was the loading time.
Glad that Sony finally solved that issue.

Sorry haters, but Home is here to stay.
MidnightProwler  +   1913d ago
I don't think so, Tim!
iPad  +   1913d ago
If there is ever an update for a revamped XMB or in-game XMB, it should be like the PS Home's XMB. It looks sick
nickjkl  +   1913d ago
have you lost your mind the home xmb is clunky and colorful

the xmb is simplified minimalistic and great for organization
nickjkl  +   1913d ago
have you lost your mind
t0mmyb0y  +   1913d ago
Kurisu  +   1913d ago
Tried this out yesterday, and Home has definitely improved a LOT. I was amazed at how fast I could edit my avatars appearance!
doctorstrange  +   1913d ago
Slow load times were one of my biggest gripes, loving the new speeds
BrutallyBlunt  +   1913d ago
I will have to check this out. Sounds much more enjoyable.
Lirky  +   1913d ago
Focus on the article and not the lady on the picture. thanks.
Bordel_1900  +   1913d ago
wow, I just deleted HOME from my PS3, I updated to 1.4 and it was so slow, even though I got a 30Mbit up and down. Guess I'll re-install and try again.
Cajun Chicken  +   1913d ago
I was JUST about to delete Home to free space on my HDD due to my obsession with PSN games. This might of changed my mind.
Finalfantasykid  +   1913d ago
Great update. I'm going to download this and check it out.

The only thing I wish Home did more is integration with the rest of the system. It would be cool to go to my virtual home to launch games, and do everything that I would normally do from the XMB. Similarily, it would be cool to use my avatar for other things, like use it in actual games, like you can on some games for the 360 and wii.
Kurisu  +   1913d ago
I agree completely with this!
Bull5hifT  +   1913d ago
Yeah i always pictured it would be like a vool area where you can post up pictures from your HDD on your walls in your home and play your music on a stereo and your friends could listen to it too and watch movies from your HDD in yur apartment with friends and custom design shirts n stuff or create your own custom object using some tools and give it specific properties, that it can do like build a little lowrider RC or come magic ball that explodes or spins or spikes come out or whatever you can think of... I had way more ideas but im tired of posting up on all these forums
NJShadow  +   1913d ago
Well, you can post up pictures from your HDD on your walls, it's just the audio and video media sharing that haven't come full-circle yet.
JayD-1K  +   1913d ago
you can launch into games from home.
He'll, you can even launch into multi-player games as well. And you've been able go do both for a while now.
It could be used a party system if need be. Home has game events almost daily. You just need to know when and where...and this is where I blaim Sony for not posting things like this around the web. If you're not in the inner circle or know some one who is, you'll never know.
Malicious  +   1913d ago
I deleted Home ever since the update said that they were putting HHG in it.
kerrak  +   1913d ago Sk14c
For those deleting home because hhg is in it, check this until the last sentence.
Joni-Ice  +   1913d ago
@ Malicous
Hip Hop Gamer is not the only person in the Community Theatre. Its actually a great idea and when you watc it and think about the possiblities they are bring in to Home. For one I just got the New Home space where I have a TV to watch Crackle mini episodes. So I can invite my friends to watch also. Dude u deleting Home cause of HipHop Gamer is stupid.
Silly gameAr  +   1913d ago
Kind of a silly reason to delete Home. It's not like he's plastered all over Home or anything. He just has his own dedicated screen in the Theatre, and you can completely avoid it if you want.
xino  +   1913d ago
he just hates black people that's why:P

he did enjoy killing them in Resident Evil 5, my he did!

yo! the link doesn't work man:/
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Shazz  +   1913d ago
tied it earlier and loading is very very fast now basically changes areas instantly
Masterchef2007  +   1913d ago
cool severely reduced loading times thats great
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mushroomwig  +   1913d ago
Just tried it out myself, so much more productive. :]

Just out of curiosity, can anyone recommend how much I should HHD space I should cache? It's giving me the options of 3GB/5GB and such but I'm not sure what it's supposed to do. Thanks. :]
CptFlashHeart  +   1913d ago
Depends on what HDD you have.. If you have a 120gb+ then just reserve the full space :)

It just allows for downloadable content/spaces to be saved without editing the hard drive any further.
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mushroomwig  +   1913d ago
Ahh, thank you! I have a 320gb so I may as well put it to good use!

Thanks again.

Bubbles. :]
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NJShadow  +   1913d ago
I believe there's the option to go even bigger, unless they removed that. But I think I went with the 13-15GB install. Though you can always change it afterwords.
PlaystationArmed  +   1913d ago
Ha Ha Yeah its funny that HHG is in the Home theatre now.
I think because of that move alone my respect for HHG has grown tremebdously. This guy managed to be inside my playstation universe and... well i gotta respect that. Fck it, its all fun and games anyways right. so its official. we got game journalist and basically tabloid game news. sounds like fun.
mac4u10  +   1913d ago
Congrats to HHG!!!
RavageX  +   1913d ago
I'm glad to see...
...that the usual, "People still use that??" haven't shown up. It's not surprising that HOME is popular, and you'd think fellow PS3 owners would be happy for that.
NJShadow  +   1913d ago
I was an avid Home user for quite some time, but then started visiting less and less. But v1.4 is like a shot in the arm for the app, and I'm in it much more these days. Absolutely lovin' it.
hiredhelp  +   1913d ago
loading times wasnt a issue for me. was the sync once in home. took ages to see people. but it is all WWW. BASED SERVER
still i love home.
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Skynetone  +   1913d ago
I went in to check out hpg
loading times have improved, hpg vid started straight away which was impressive considering it took 14 hours to load a vid previously

id visit home just for the hpg show, but i dont think it would be the hpg show if it was restricted by sony

good job hpg

maybe they could give you a interview on pulse next
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kasasensei  +   1912d ago
Good news if true. Time for me to check this out. After 2 years without. XD
ZILLA  +   1912d ago
end of story

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