PlayStation Home v1.4 Hands-On, Say Goodbye to Loading Times

"PlayStation Home core client update v1.4 has finally hit PS3′s everywhere, and we finally managed to get our hands on it. What should you expect in this tremendous update? Let’s take a look!"

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Sev2628d ago

Man I used to think she was so hot.

Nathaniel_Drake2628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

You got to be kidding me, a few seconds of load time?!?! So even when switching locations it's only a few seconds? That's awesome

Edit: I also heard they implemented MLAA on gametrailers forums, is this true?

SuperKing2628d ago

That would be cool, jaggies piss me off in Home.

jizzyjones2628d ago

It looks farrrrr too jaggy to be MLAA, although it does look better in places.

DORMIN2628d ago

I've got to check out these new things, sounds pretty great.

I havent been on Home in months.

raztad2628d ago

WOW. Home 1.40 is SLEEK.

The interface is great, short loading times and the graphics are actually good.

I went to inFAMOUS space and it has nice visuals and better AA than inFAMOUS itself O.O It might be MLAA.

ComboBreaker2628d ago

Glad that Sony finally solved that issue.

Sorry haters, but Home is here to stay.

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iPad2628d ago

If there is ever an update for a revamped XMB or in-game XMB, it should be like the PS Home's XMB. It looks sick

nickjkl2628d ago

have you lost your mind the home xmb is clunky and colorful

the xmb is simplified minimalistic and great for organization

nickjkl2628d ago

have you lost your mind

Kurisu2628d ago

Tried this out yesterday, and Home has definitely improved a LOT. I was amazed at how fast I could edit my avatars appearance!

doctorstrange2628d ago

Slow load times were one of my biggest gripes, loving the new speeds

BrutallyBlunt2628d ago

I will have to check this out. Sounds much more enjoyable.

Lirky2628d ago

Focus on the article and not the lady on the picture. thanks.

Bordel_19002628d ago

wow, I just deleted HOME from my PS3, I updated to 1.4 and it was so slow, even though I got a 30Mbit up and down. Guess I'll re-install and try again.

Cajun Chicken2628d ago

I was JUST about to delete Home to free space on my HDD due to my obsession with PSN games. This might of changed my mind.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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