8 minutes of Metal Gear Online

More then 8 minutes of new "Sniper" gameplay taken from the closed beta showing off more of Metal Gear Online on the PS3. Featuring characters, stages, and the same control scheme as found in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 4, this reloaded MGO experience packs in additional environments, game modes, and team-based multiplayer mayhem to make this the ultimate online companion to MGS4.

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Fisher3394123d ago

Looks like Socom on crack (thats a good thing btw)

will this be on blu-ray or psn?

stunt2134123d ago

i know this game will sell well but im not really hype into this game, i like the metal gear series buti dont know about this game. if its $30 on psn i will buy it, if its more i rather get socom.

Skynetone4123d ago

this looks basic , real basic

ill be picking up mgs as soon as it comes out which looks amazing

Moac4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

How can this be fun to play?? looks just like almost any other shooter out to date. meh. its stupid that this game is gonna sell well, only becouse it has Metal gear in the name, the game seems lame. but MGS4 is awesome..

Halo 3 looks very fun to play.

abg4284123d ago

Yeah blah blah blah man. WHy are you tring to compare two completely different games??? Really are you mad at sony or something?? Whats with all the pissed off 360 fanboys lately??

hazeblaze4123d ago

In what other online fps do you shoot enemies and put them to sleep???! I'm wandering what the player's perspective is while they're knocked out? This game is going to be an awesome twist on the genre... after all it is Kojima ;-)

gamerriffic4123d ago

theres been two mgs online multiplayer games.
regulor?i mean.. it looks regular*?
yeah, of course. because every other shooter
allows you to CQC other players and trap them right?
take em hostage, put em to sleep, or
knock em out, or hide in a box, etc, right?

don't diss the game that you 360fanboys wanted for so long, just because you now accept you can't get it.

oh yeah, i had the halo 3 beta. it was halo 2 with a weapons update.

Greysturm4123d ago

I love the first and third person mecanics. For my taste i would like to see a little less rolling and more wall hugging but thats just me. Its not everyone cup of tea but there are a lot of people that love tactical shooters such as socom and graw that will give this game a try.

abg4284123d ago

wow now this game is gonna kick som a**!!

Ahhhh4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

Looks good.

@abg428 - looks like I can ask you the same question. Whats with all the pissed off PS3 fanboys lately?

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The story is too old to be commented.