Halo Licensing Memo Details Everything Halo

XF has attained a memo that details the schedule of all things Halo from Microsoft and Bungie. A lot of things on this memo haven't been announced. The biggest news on the memo has to be the sheduled release of the Halo Movie and Soundtrack. Also included are details on a Halo 3 Map Pack.

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KillJoi993735d ago

This is all the proof I need to belive it. I didn't belive the rumors before, but now it sounds like a sure thing.
ZOMG! I can't wait.

WaggleLOL3735d ago

All the proof anyone needs to see how a company with tens to hundreds of millions of dollars to through at the media to buy hype and review scores can turn an otherwise dreadfully mediocre fps into sales.

Too bad for Microsoft it only works for the pathetic and sad US Xbox demographic.

xCAPTSTONERB91x3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

im guessing aug 24th 08 release date for the halo movie. WOOOOOOOO!

iceice1233735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

The map pack, what date is it?

I see it know, thanks. Why did they have to put it as the same time as Halo wars ?-_-?

360_Rules3735d ago

Yeah this must be true since everything on the Internets is true. :|

Daewoodrow3735d ago

I sort of trust this. But i'm a bit tentative to say this is real. Some of it seems a little off, like they have a scheduled novel release twice and both novel pictures have already been released.

christian hour3735d ago

First thing that made me think it was fake was seeing the planned novel releases. Which are pictures of all the old novels... Wither someone official just got lazy or this is a fake mock up.

Plus a manga in summer 07? And the comic series in spring 07? The comi series just got released the last few days.

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