Killzone 3: Stunning Video Shows 12 Minutes of Pure Gameplay Footage

A new video of Killzone 3 from Gamerland 2010 shows 12 minutes of pure and stunning gameplay footage: Take a look!

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DoomeDx2930d ago

Dont get me wrong, its a FREAKING awesome game.

But enough with the gameplay-articles already.
It doesnt even show anything new..Just some basic gameplay.

If we wanted to see gameplay, we would go to youtube.

TOO PAWNED2930d ago

agree, especially since its same stuff over and over. We get it.

visualb2930d ago

I agree wesley, but its inevitable

these .bs (.bullshit) and sites just want hits, so steal youtube gameplay footage videos and recycle them as article / video articles on N4G to get cheap hits

I ain't complain about the footage though =) sweet as caramel =D

cyborg69712930d ago

No doubt, as if I don't get enough "Amazing awesome fantastic game play while playing the beta. Just give news. Which is new hence the word news.


The only two things I want to see now are the alien jungle and space scenes GG were talking about.

Apart from that everything I've seen so far in terms of environments looks boring.

raztad2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Boring? do not agree

The environments are very variated. From clear, snow filled (bright and colorful) to war torn brownish city (closer to KZ2 art-style), they are far from looking boring. Of course watching videos on youtube can get you the wrong impression. Those environments are amazing to look at.


each map has a unique feature in the ones in the beta... the snow in frozen dam... the debris and ships in corneth highway... the ump in turbine... no other game has these features so cool your hoarses

Masterchef20072930d ago

nothing new but man the game will be awesome and i think it will be better than Halo

Renodefend2930d ago ShowReplies(4)
OhMyGandhi2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

the shit as in "he's the shit man"?
well, I'd take the shit personally, because be honest, Chocolate is like so over rated. :)

Ju2930d ago

Especially pink and purple chocolate. hm.

Xfanboy2930d ago

meh Im not stunned.. I have done this in many games.. Show jungle not black & gold level..

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The story is too old to be commented.