Another company goes Blu-ray exclusive

Xperinet has announced their full support for the Blu-ray format recently. This company previously worked on both formats, but has decided to go exclusive with the Blu.

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MK_Red3887d ago

It's strange that a natural (Supporter of both HD-DVD and Blu) goes Blu-ray exclusive not long after Paramount announcement.

Mr VideoGames3886d ago

i want News about my VideoGames not Movies this Site is called "NEWS 4 GAMES" so stop posting this stuff MK_Red it's really becoming Annoying.

ENNO3886d ago

Well then you go out and find some better news...until then shut the fuk up!

crunchie1013886d ago

Either you're joking or you can't read, as N4G stands for News for GamERs, and many gamers, particularly those owning PS3s are interested in HD-DVD news, as it is intrinsicly linked with PS3s success.

synetic3886d ago

well shut up VideoGames4Life there ppl like me that dont mind to have this kind of news

good work MK_Red you deserve bubble every time i can give you one lol

barom3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

did you know that there is tabs on top of the page. do you know what those does?

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Mario183886d ago

Oh noes, the HD-DVD is dying!

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The story is too old to be commented.