Is Activision a one trick pony? takes a look at the future of Activision, as the company intensifies its efforts on Call of Duty. A good idea.. or not?

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Cajun Chicken2955d ago

No, because they also obviously own Blizzard and have Prototype as a new rising IP by Radical. Hopefully they'll let Raven make a sequel of the great Singularity too.

But I am getting fed up of the greed.

4Gamers2955d ago

Correction: they don't OWN Blizzard. Blizzard works together, but that's basically pretty much it

Cajun Chicken2955d ago

I thought they financially merged as one entity.

4Gamers2954d ago

From what I've been told, right from the top of the company, Blizzard branches off, leading to its own structure, so basically, they're totally independent in their doing

Cajun Chicken2954d ago

Heh, just Prototype aside from CoD then, seems like they have no more intention with either Crash Bandicoot and Spyro franchises these days.