Game Informer: Donkey Kong Country Returns "blew me away," award 9.5 review score

Nintendo Universe writes:

American-based gaming magazine Game Informer has provided the first review of upcoming jungle romp Donkey Kong Country Returns within their December issue, awarding the title a particularly noteworthy 9.5.

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Titanz2955d ago

Retrostudious says, "Hi" :P

Seedhouse2955d ago

Haha, I'm interested with what Rare would've done with their franchises if they still had the rights though.

Want to see Donkey Kong 64 on Virtual Console :(

Danteh2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

This is definitely my most anticipated Wii game.

I was always a Donkey Kong Country boy, and it seems that Retro Studios(as always!) hasn't dissapointed us :D

Sarcasm2955d ago

Damn I remember playing the original DKC for hours on the N64. I'm going to buy this for old time's sake. That and the game actually looks pretty damn promising.

na-no-nai2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

donkey kong is nintendo franchise

eagle212955d ago

Getting this next Sunday. Can't wait!!! :)

gamerwiips3602955d ago

& This time seriously....With sum Killer Titles...

Gotta Luv this franchise......1 of my fav. Old Schools!

JacobIsHollywood2955d ago

SO EXCITED! I'm seriously getting a Wii with my next paycheck JUST to play DKC:R!!! :)

I love Donkey Kong Country!

Sugreev20012955d ago

Considering the original DKC was my favorite game growing up on the SNES,I expect this to blow me away too :D

NYC_Gamer2955d ago

and who said the Wii doesnt have good software?

siliticx2955d ago

it does, but 2 games dont warrant buying an SD console.

Sarcasm2955d ago

Nobody said it didn't have ANY. It's just the ratio of good software vs bad software is ridiculous.

Come on, there's a game coming out called Babysitting mama.

Shok2955d ago

Oh yea, cause we all no that a Wii owner is FORCED to by the bad software, right?

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The story is too old to be commented.