Amazons Pre-order Bonus Offers, Exclusives and One PS3 Must Have

Amazon’s pre-order bonus offers have come and gone for some of this year’s Hottest games, but there are still plenty to be had before the year is up. There’s even one that is not an Xbox title that I’m sure those with both an Xbox 360 and PS3 will be picking up. GT5!! Shoot, I’m sure a few of you that don’t have a PS3 will be picking one up, just for this Must Have title.

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Forbidden_Darkness2952d ago

Wow, so im going to be getting Gran Turismo 5 for $25 dollars (Preordered Black Ops (20 dollar credit) and Assassins Creed Brotherhood (15 dollar credit)) and on top of that i'm getting 10 bucks off of a future game purchase with my Gran Turismo 5 purchase. You gotta love game credits :)

fight4love2952d ago

yep i usually walk in and buy games in stores. never was much of a preorder person but i think i'll go for it.

use the 10 dollars for uncharted 2 game of the year edition.

Cevapi882952d ago

oh i didnt know about the stealth model SLS gonna check my account to see if i got the code, or if i will get it in the coming days

2951d ago
mricecreamman2952d ago

already preordered ac...been getting credits up the ass from amazon. love you amazon. keep it up!