INCgamers: Microsoft Responds To Kinect Stock Shortage

Earlier this week, ASDA warned its customers to buy a Kinect ‘as early as possible’ on Wednesday to avoid disappointment, but Microsoft has told IncGamers it is ‘shipping units as fast as we can’.

Microsoft spokesman Dominic Carey told IncGamers: “It’s an exciting time to be in the entertainment industry and we’re thrilled to have brought Kinect for Xbox 360 to market this week. Consumers have shown exceptional appetite for Kinect and we are continuing to work with our retail partners to bring the Kinect experience to homes around the world.

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niceguywii602951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

How do yal do dat sh*t... how yal do dat sh*t.... how do yal.. how do yal.. how do yal.. how do yal.. how do yal..



Wakka Flocka Flame...

MSFT will fail at keeping up with Black Friday demand and beyond.


gigaware2951d ago

Microsoft has production lines running 24/7 with back up trucks waiting to make emergency deliveries.

Rush2950d ago

How long are we going to keep pretending Kinect ain't going to be a success.

Sure the scale of success is still to early to tell. Still I wouldn't want to be one of the people here pretending sales are still smoke and mirrors.

Clearly Microsoft have a winner on there hands this time and some people are having a hard time excepting that.

cereal_killa2950d ago

"Clearly Microsoft have a winner on there hands this time and some people are having a hard time excepting that."

And how do you come to this conclusion SALES!!! is that all you Muppet's Care about what about what really makes something a Success Quality, Reliability and great games M$ knowingly releases faulty hardware but you would care less because it's got SALES I hope when your cheques come from M$ you put that money to good use...Oh Wait. Maybe you could be M$ next PR or take over for Patcher seems like you love to bullsh!t mind as well get paid to spew it all day long

Rush2950d ago

Yeah sales are all I care about, Kinect ain't targeted towards my age bracket so unless it's to do with sales I have very little input here.

cereal you need to grow up a little fast, I couldn't give a crap about your "faulty this, MS evil that" all your comments just come from your sheep like nature that is the fanboy.

cereal_killa2950d ago

HAHAHAHA I love when Fanboys try to call other people fanboys because they don't like something listen little boy I'm no fanboy when I buy something I expect it to work I don't care who made it I'd be saying the same thing if Sony/Nintendo released a piece of sh!t system that had me sending it in more than I'm playing it, but you're ok with it you're used to getting the shaft from M$ why stop now, step into reality for once in your life and see the real world for once I dont own either Move or Kinect and wont until I see some games I'm interested in I could care less about what celebrity is playing what and how much it sold because Paris Hilton says how great it is. It's brainwashed fools who believe this junk and spew crap to hind the fact that something is unreliable and masked by $$$$$$, smoke and mirrors, and paid celebrity advertising instead of letting the Quality do the talking for you if that makes me a fanboy then I dam proud to be one.

mcstorm2949d ago

So if sales are not a big part of sucess the Dreamcast Xbox game cube were better than the ps2 because they had less sales and a better build. or Apple Macs are better than Dell as they sell less. Come on ppl sales are everything in this game.

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Motorola2950d ago

I only disagreed with Niceguywii60's comment cuz at the time it made 0 still makes no sense tbh

Antan2950d ago

LMAO! Niceguy and Giga are the same user! Replying to each other! It's our old friend POG, Why Dis, Hallmark Moment etc etc. Funny sh!t right there.

Bigpappy2951d ago

I don't think they can maintain output to match demand. As it gets closer to Xmas, it will become even harder. This ias a world wide launch we are talking about. It is not like coping DVD's. Amazon (US) is alread in short supply and Kinect has just released in EU and will release in Japan next week. They know they can't keep up, but they love the hype.

MicroSony4Life2950d ago

Xmas is going to be insane and the economy has gotten allot better than the pass 2 years.

Moentjers2950d ago

World Wide ? EU ?
Well, if someone is in desperate need for a kinect, I will ship it from Belgium where they are waiting on the shelfs.

EasilyTheBest2951d ago

I bought Kinect on day of release as I pre ordered.
Everyone who has seen my Kinect and have played it are all getting one, some even went and ordered it the same day with a 360.

shadyiswin2950d ago

my friend tiffany and chad decided to buy a game each without having the kinect lol,they will get it this friday,i made a deal that they can play as much as they like if they leave there games here lol,dance central and kinect sports,imma miss them when there gone =[

p.s they got the buy 2 get 1 free from target

dale12951d ago

its sold out at toys r us even the 360 slim they have no stock,argos has loads so i don,t know.seems toys r us didn,t order it weird.

beavis4play2950d ago

i counted 27 stand alone kinect devices at walmart.......19 at kmart.....i didn't go to my local gamestop today but a couple of days ago they had a sizeable stack on display.
i just went on amazon here in the states and there are 207 new and 6 used.

kinect shortage?..........hardly.

and don't think i'm a sony fanboy - i wouldn't buy a move any sooner than i'd buy a kinect. i hate motion control gaming. i'm a controller guy.
i just think these types of stories are foolish - it's easy to prove they're false.

kneon2950d ago

I saw the biggest pile yet today, my local Best Buy had over 40 standalone units and even more bundles. I've been shopping around for a few gadgets the last week so I've been visiting a lot of stores to try stuff out, only at walmart were they ever sold out.

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