Xbox LIVE Indie developers band together against crap

"If you thought that the Xbox LIVE Indie Games service was just filled with massage apps, clones, and garbage, think again! We are fighting back against mediocrity and lameness in the best way we know how -- by releasing amazing games!"

That's the declaration of the developers behind the Indie Games Winter Uprising, and they absolutely nailed it with their description of the Indie Games channel. It's unbearably hard to find quality content, and everyone knows it. That said, there are gems to be found -- and this group is trying to raise awareness.

The so-called uprising consists of 14 separate games, all of which are releasing on the service during the first week of December. It's quite cool to see these indies come together; that's definitely become the big trend amongst other designers and the independent scene in general.

Why can't we be friends? - Jordan Devore

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Bigpappy2956d ago

It is better for them and gamers alike.