Next-gen Tech The PS4 May Benefit From

We all know that when the Sony PlayStation 4 [Sony PS4] does inevitably drop, it will bring with it a new feature set, much like the PS3 did. To what degree, we can’t be sure as yet. That comes down to Sony’s strategy; do they once again go bleeding edge and charge a bucket, or do they play it safe and implement cost-effective technology that will suffice for the short term?

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This would benefit everything and not just the PS4 and not to mention that it's already available but no one seems to give a crap.

Talk about being bias.

xino2952d ago

Sony better get their heads together this time!

If they want PS4 to become a complete beast with cutting edge tech, the price will even be higher than ps3's launch or could be the same. Let's just hope Sony release the ps3 first.

TheOldOne2952d ago

release the ps3 first? what year are you living in? lol

I want the PS4 to be a beast with cutting egde tech cos I want the most cutting edge/highest quality games.

Tsar4ever012951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

Wifi-HD seems pretty good. But how about implementing WiiMAX?

And I'm confident that the PS4 will use SSD, but the real concern IS ABOUT SSD cost. If the cost don't come down by the year the PS4's release, sony has no choice but to offer SSD at a low GB level, say 120GB or 160GB but keep the tech NON-PROPRIETY,(*like PS3's HDD) so all PS4 owners would be able to upgrade their P4's SDD to a much higher GB at their leisure later in the future.

But, what I would like sony to implement to PS4 is UDI/Unified Display Inerface, so PS4 owners could not only use their ps4's on Higher Def HDTV's later on, but also run thier P4 games on any HDMI/DVI Pc monitors.

And last, I would like sony to find some use for SDXC or SDIO/Secure Digital Input/Output tech and add at least one slot for the PS4. Once after they solve the compatibility issues.