Kmart Black Friday Deals

I got a list of the Black Friday gaming deals from Kmart today.

Need for Speed Hot Pusuit $34.99
Fallout New Vegas $34.99
Assassin's Creed Brother Hood $39.99

and more

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Red_Phoenix2930d ago

I went last year during Black Friday and they literally had about 1-5 stock of each item. I was about the 6th person in line and ended up nothing the t.v. I wanted because they only had 2 in stock. This is just a warning to you all, it just may be the K-mart by me that sucks, but I would recommend going to another store for Black Friday.

phantomexe2929d ago

know your right i work at one and yes your eight

archemides5182929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

...but DONT wait for black friday, they have killer deals EVERY week, no reason to wait, unless you like long lines and crazy shoppers

for example, you want a 30$ coupon on splatterhouse during release week? 25$ on gran turismo? 20$ on NBA Jam (msrp 50) YOU GOT IT

or you could go to gamestop or best buy or anywhere else and pay full price

RyuDrinksTheDew2929d ago

if i dont already have it by then, definitely taking advantage of that.

archemides5182929d ago

just go next week when it comes out and they'll give you a 20$ coupon right then

raztad2929d ago

NFS:HP for me.

Kmart has been offering some amazing deals lately.

ANoobsJourney2929d ago

Something for everybody as long as the games are in stock when you get there!

dirtydbz2929d ago

yeah new veagas for 34 makes me feel like a chump it came out just a month ago

archemides5182929d ago

a month ago they had new vegas at kmart with a 20$ coupon on release, and you could buy a pre-release special (cup coasters) for 5$ which gave you another 15$ coupon you could use on it...that's effectively $25 on release week. just go to forums and look up the deal list

they are currently running a similar deal with epic mickey where you can get it for $15 if you get the pre-release box with extra coupon (release week coupon is $20 on it, box gives you $15 more

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