Disney Interactive likely to invest less in console games following $234M loss

Losing $234 million over the course of 12 months is pretty unimaginable to most individuals. For Disney, it's not such a big deal, especially when that loss is recorded by just one of its six company divisions -- the other five all profited over the last fiscal year (ending October 2, 2010), including its Media Networks, which pulled in more than $5 billion in operating income (profit excluding interest payments and income taxes). Unfortunately for gamers, that one bad division was Interactive Media. Uh-oh.

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seinfan2954d ago

Disney games don't sell? WOW!

nix2954d ago

lemme see... sony, polyphony, konami, GG, ND, capcom, sucker punch, criterian, MM... yup.... no Disney in my cupboard.

AAACE52954d ago

Disney has to create a new name for it's games division! I hear disney, I think mickey, goofy, etc. I don't associate them with good games. When Pure came out, I was sure there would be some corny family movie it would be tied to.

Maybe they could call it DIG studios! They seriously need to keep the name "Disney" away from their games so they don't get stereotyped! Pure should have pulled off ATV off-road fury or SSX numbers, but the Disney name made people stay far from it!

madpuppy2954d ago

Avalanche Software,Black Rock Studios, Fall Line Studios,Gamestar, Junction Point Studios, Propaganda Games, Wideload Games,Tapulous and Playdom.

these are all developer studios under the umbrella of Disney interactive.

vhero2954d ago

Its because of the fact they can really only make movie games which we know don't sell well and the fact they release most there games on Wii where if it's not first party it doesn't sell.

zeddy2953d ago

making epic mickey an exclusive to wii wont help their case either. they would sell 2mil+ plus on ps3, 360 combined.

OhReginald2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

What about epic mickey? isnt that a disney game? But its not out yet and since 3rd party games don't sell very well on wii...we shall see.

Seferoth752954d ago

60 or so million sellers on Wii from 3rd parties...

What a complete idiot. That load of BS was proven wrong long ago

I guess 3rd party games dont sale on PS3 either right? Since I can name off at least games that failed to achieve the sales of some Wii games that are considered bombs like Madworld or HOTD.

HOTD 720k
There are over 530 PS3 games that sold worse than that. Forgetting that HD development costs 3 times more than Wii(which you gaming noobs often do) 3rd party games still sale better on Wii than on PS3

Let's look at Sega for example kid

36 PS3 games only 1 is a million seller. So by your standards that is 36 complete bombs on PS3

40 Wii games and 7 of those are million sellers and Wii owners didnt get Bayoneta or Valkery chronicles. They get a 5 hour black and white brawler and a 4 hour ral shooter and still give Sega more support than PS3 owners

TOO PAWNED2954d ago

let me guess yo pulled those numbers from VGBSchartz?

OhReginald2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

holy shit...I never mentioned the ps3 anywhere in my comment.

So here are some articles demonstrating wii's 3rd party sales failage.



rezzah2954d ago

no wonder he has only 2 bubbles...

turok2953d ago

u may not have said ps3 but u sure as hell implied it.

...forget this. im done with baiters. waste of time.

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branchedout2954d ago

Dang. I enjoyed Split/Second!

Let's hope they cut crap, and keep the good stuff.

mcstorm2954d ago

I agree split second was a good game and a nice change to the driving games. I think they should bring more games like this out or maybe look at move and kinect only games to cut the costs and to do something different yo everyone else.

RememberThe3572954d ago

If Disney wanted to get into the console market they needed to bring some serious quality and innovation. They didn't and they lost out.

Genecalypse2954d ago

Exactly, theres definitely money to be had. how about you make something that consumers want

maxcer2954d ago

like what? call of goofy?

RememberThe3572954d ago

Remember they are not just a cartoon company. They are a multinational media conglomerate. They don't need to do only kiddy games.

Syaz12954d ago

to prove your point, they canned the pirates game that a lot of people were anticipating, and went on with the tron game nobody seems to care about.

KotC2954d ago

Maybe the new Mickey Mouse game for the Wii can help pick things up.

Knushwood Butt2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

I don't really see that many soccer moms buying it.

'And the success or failure of a Wii title usually correlates directly to marketing spend.'.

I guess they need to throw half a billion dollars at it.

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