How Would you Change Sony's PlayStation Move?

Is it Sony's play against the Wiimote, or the Kinect... or both? Hard to say exactly, but there's no question that the PS3 is no longer on the outside looking in when it comes to motion gaming. Now that it's been on the market for a few months, Engadget is looking to hear from early adopters -- have you enjoyed your time with the Move?

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mimbly2780d ago

I wish you didnt have to calibrate it so often, not really a big deal at all. Besides that nothing I really, love playing with the move i just need more games.

nix2780d ago

well.. i wish it served tea or beer...

rdgneoz32780d ago

Beer or hard liquor. And for the female gamers, an auto-vibrate function.

Biggest2780d ago

Not many women want to pay $50 for a fairly simple looking vibrator. That kind of money would get them some dual-action with G-curve technology.

nix2780d ago

well.. we can throw in a 'game' G-SPOT 1 - the best simulator, since it can track the slightest movements.. imagine a 'guy' (in the screen) moves in the same speed as she moves it.

Masterchef20072779d ago

i wish it would get hot women in bed with me (no i am not bashing it with the dildo thing)

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GLoRyKnoT2780d ago

That every cent it cost (sony) to create it, would have been put it in my bank account instead:)

shink2779d ago

Hmm, maybe a better resolution PS Eye and the nav controller to have motion capabilities too.

Sarcasm2779d ago


A better quality PS eye would definitely be great. An optional PS Eye 2 upgrade or something would be nice.

chaos-lockheart2779d ago

I think they should have the globe on the navigator too and make the navigator rumble, and have the second analog on the move as well for classic games. make the name dual shock move or dual shock 4

Dark-Cloud42779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

this is we all need :
more good games ...
improve the ps eye ...
nav controller to have motion capabilities
second analog on the move
i hate the way we aim in move ( i mean aiming at the ps eye , i want more freedom .. )
someone should send this to sony :) ...

Nariko-20112779d ago

A dualshock 3...hello, another analogue stick? Thats the whole point of move, to not have a analogue stick for aiming...pfft

Dark_king2779d ago

In MAG you don't aim at the eye.You aim at the screen.

raztad2779d ago

Nariko is right. I think Dark-cloud should stick to his/her DS3.

More good games is a given.

Improve the PSEye is a valid complain however I'm not rushing to buy another camera. The current one does a really good job.

To calibrate the control is what annoys me a bit. I hope Sony fix the software.

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