GameSpot: Fighters Uncaged Review

Fighters Uncaged is a prime example of how not to make a fighting game for the Kinect. The presentation is poor, the scoring system doesn't reward your hard work, and worst of all, the motion controls are simply broken. There's not even a multiplayer mode to, at the very least, let you eke some enjoyment out of fighting a friend. The only thing you'll get out of this game is a sweat, as you manically punch at the air in frustration. No matter how eager you might be for a Kinect-powered brawl, Fighters Uncaged is one game that's worth leaving locked up.

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ThatEnglishDude2955d ago

It seems as if both 360 and PS3 have rather poor launch fighting games.

Here's hoping Fight Night Round 5 changes that!

ComboBreaker2954d ago

It got some bad reviews, but it also got some good reviews.

Fighters Uncaged on the other hand, is a bad game. It only got bad reviews. No good reviews at all.