Call of Duty: Black Ops - PS3 Approaches 1 Million Online at One Time

The PS3 version of Black Ops topped out today at 860,000 people online at one time! And we just may see this number grow higher by the weekend! The prime time seems to be around 1-2PM Pacific Time (google a time zone converter) if you want to follow how high this number can get!

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xskipperx822956d ago

360 version hit 3 million first day

scar202956d ago

Who cares if it 3 million.

N4WAH2956d ago

Who cares how many active players are online? There are more than enough gamers on all formats to have filled rooms. That's all that matters.

Red_Orange_Juice2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Well CoD is heavly online game, when someone owns two systems and pays for Live, gets the game on 360 not to waste his Gold

evrfighter2956d ago

looks like ps3 is also an fps console.

Rush2956d ago

Lol at the PS3 fanboys above, "who cares, doesn't matter" if you didn't care why are you posting in an article about how many PS3 users where online at once?

N4WAH2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

but one you own is hypocrite. I said who cares and "I" play it on the 360. "Fanboys" get too caught up in sales, reviews and basically numbers in general. Guess which fanboys are guilty of this most? Oh yeah, you know who I am talking about.

Your assumptions just show how immature, insecure and ignorant, most of all hypocritcal, members on this site have become. Believe it or not people can give an "honest" opinion without being a flag waving brain washed zealot with a hidden agenda.

kunit22c2955d ago

This could have something to do with the fact 360 owners have nothing else to buy...

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joeymp2956d ago

Ya but COD is the only good game 360 has, unlike PS3.

Mystogan2956d ago

Halo Reach, Fable 3, Alan Wake, splinter Cell, Mass Effect 1(2),CrackDown 2.

Plenty of Games if you ask me, and besides we got Superior Multi-platform games.

Imperator2956d ago


I'll agree with Reach, but:

Alan wake - Decent game but huge disappointment. Repetitive gameplay, and the graphics were not that good.

SCC- Uh.. just uh.. and it's on PC as well.

ME1/2 - ME1 is on PC, and 2 is coming to PS3 early next year

Crackdown 2 - Come on man. A sequel that looks worse than the first one? Fail right there.

Fable III- Decent game, but again a disappointment. Nowhere near what Molyneux hyped up.

joeymp2956d ago

@Imperator Exactly my thoughts. Thank you.

Mystogan2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

''Fable III- Decent game, but again a disappointment. Nowhere near what Molyneux hyped up''

Fable 3 a dissapointment? have you even played it? and Molyneux didn't hype anything. 81 metacritic

Crackdown 2 a Dissapointment? again have you even played it? Crackdown 2 is supposed to be fun Graphics are not a priority. Metacritic 70 and Mixed Reviews Depends on what you prefer ''Over the top'' graphics with average gameplay or ''meh not bad'' Graphics with awesome gameplay.

Alan Wake HUGE dissapointment? 83 Metacritic Confirmed you do not own a 360 nor played Alan Wake or any of the games i mentioned

MGRogue20172956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Look at all of these silly children fighting about which console has the best games.. while there are people out there like myself who own both consoles & enjoy everything that they have to offer. :D

Looking forward to GT5, NFS Hot Pursuit, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Killzone 3

pimpmaster2956d ago

LOLO!LO!L!O!LOLol "Ya but COD is the only good game 360 has, unlike PS3." LOL!!!

im no ps3 hater but come on now, thats just retarded. what does ps3 have thats better online than cod?hmmm lets see, mag? uncharted 2? facepalm, i mean seriously, those games just blow when compared to cod online. top that off by going back to your original statement about cod being the only good game, theres a little game called halo and halo>cod

Zachmo1822956d ago

Haha. But whats the topped played game on PS3? YEA shut thought so.

At least xbox exclusive top the most played game.

RememberThe3572956d ago

Actually I think MAG is a better online game.

SpinalRemains1382955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Exactly! 360 will always do better with FPS. That's their demographic for cryin out loud. Of all the 360 owners in the world (Eh hem I mean USA and England), I will guarantee that 97 percent of them got the system for Halo.

PS3 owners are simply upgrading from a long line of great AAA titles and 2 previous systems. Hell, the 360 controller says it all. It has triggers.

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Silly gameAr2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Who Cares?

HappyTrigger2956d ago

Just let it go. Just remember, that is HIS opinion. What he may see as a disappointment might be a great game for others. Seriously, the 360 has had a LOT of games this year, whether you think they are a disappointment or not. And how could that many people agree with joeymp? Seriously? You must be a blind fanboy.. I'll tell you that much...

Ugh.... -___-

MajestieBeast2956d ago

Ye and more people play counterstrike,TF2 then halo reach your point was?

Gam3s4lif32956d ago

OOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMG !!!!!!!!! 1 mil......WOW amazing.....

Who the FUCK cares

randomwiz2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

The popularity of shooters in different regions is as follows: NA>Western Europe>Eastern Europe>Rest of the World

Considering the fact that a majority of the 360's install base is concentrated in NA, only 4 time zones apart, and the majority loves shooters, its no surprise the 360 can reach numbers like that.

RememberThe3572956d ago

But that is a really good point.

im-12-years-old2956d ago

"360 version hit 3 million first day"

Thats like insulting yourself

Theoneneo812956d ago

and I'm sure it was a lagfest.

maxcer2956d ago

360/ps3 have the same p2p networking buddy, all it mean is there are more players around you to play the game. that mean less latency.

unless your a cheap gamer and cant afford xbl or a decent ISP speed. lol

vhero2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Sorry but from that pic you can't seriously say it's taken from the PS3 version.. The buttons are hidden so we don't knwo what version. It could be taken from the wii version. But honestly most PS3 users are too busy saving there pennys for GT5 right now.

T9X692956d ago

Are you blind? You seriously can't see the big Circle Button and Select Button on the screen?

Denethor_II2955d ago

360 version hit 3 million first day"

Probably because there's nothing else to play on the 360.

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ghostface2956d ago

I haven't even open my copy yet, because my ps3 Ylod. I'll be picking up the 320 gig slim next week.

vhero2956d ago

suuuuuure how many times we read this??? I mean you hoenstly had to tell people because your not a fanboy right?? I doubt you even had a PS3.

KotC2956d ago

Have you ever considered that out of all the times you read about gamers getting YLOD that some may be true? Or do you just accuse everyone out of default?

Mystogan2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Yeah i thought..meehh while for other games it would be a huge succes like Killzone or Uncharted.


How am i supposed to know? but probably a lot more then PS3 does.
Black ops sold a lot more on 360 as expected.

TOO PAWNED2956d ago

how many are on 360 atm? Forget day 1, i am asking about now.

BillGatesSaysHi2956d ago

atm there are 1,153,966 players online at 10;27

ironmonkey2956d ago

sure it is but small numbers for reach already what are you trying to say?

SpinalRemains1382955d ago

Know what looks worse?

The 360s future. I mean Kinect. I mean last place.

Death Row2956d ago

this game is big on ps3, almost everyone on my list is playing it

Gam3s4lif32956d ago


ppl say tht is big...When PS3 fanboys go 'we don't need multiplat games, when we hav killzone, resistance etc' yet CoD is basically the most played game on ps3.
just saying.

Black-Helghast2955d ago

Come on dude, don't be such a hater... -.- I'm a ps3 owner and yes we have awesome exclusives but there are multiplatform games i love like...F.E.A.R. and Red Dead Redemption.

ZombieAssassin2956d ago

Does it really matter, you can only play a game with like 2-18 players so as long as you have that many people playing you are good.