Extending the Life of Games Through Books, Comics, and Other Media

Games aren't getting too short; people just aren't ready to finish with their universes. The solution to the problem is not longer games but expanded universes via books, comics, and other media.

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acronkyoung2951d ago

I completely agree. While I haven't explored many ancillary media for games, it is probably more because there isn't much for the games I truly love. I've come to really love short games, because I can't always find a lot of time to sneak away upstairs for hours on end and play a game while the wife handles the kid (who smeared yogurt all over the dog and peed in a box yesterday).

So 6 or so hours of game is plenty for me, and if I really loved that world, I would gladly read a comic or watch a movie that helps flesh out that world a little bit more.

rod_furlong2951d ago

I have to say I've never been interested in game-related comics (well...the City of Heroes issues were kind of OK) or books, personally.