The Fight: Lights Out First Impressions- STFU, this Game is Great

The Fight: Lights Out is one of the first games we were able to play at the Seattle Move Conference. Even at a little over 5 frames of lag/second, the game was still incredible. It's now been released for purchase and is getting it's ass kicked by reviews. I have one thing to say about this:


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WutPleaze2958d ago

Played this split screen at a friends house and loved it. Movements are exact.

Information Minister2958d ago

And what's the lesson to be learned here? Don't let other people tell you what your opinion should be. Try it yourself and make up your own damn mind. If people were all the same, there would be no wars.

One game that I think got really unfair reviews recently is Time Crisis: Razing Storm. If you enjoyed light gun shooters in the arcades during the mid 90s, you will enjoy this game.

Bigpappy2958d ago

Laggy and Unresponsive is the new red.

rdgneoz32958d ago

No, glitchy and buggy as hell is the new red. Just look at sales for FO:New Vegas and COD:BO.

Canas20102958d ago

Like the Oracle says:

"Nosce te ipsum"
"Temet nosce."

ComboBreaker2958d ago

IGN can't fight. They punch like little girls. That's why they got own in this game. This game is very realistic. If you can't fight, you won't like this game. However, if you can fight, and if you love boxing, you'll love this game.

It's like GT5. GT5 is very realitstic and if you can't drive in real life, you'll hate GT5.

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SIX2958d ago

It's not canned. It's one to one. Love the leveling up aspect. Love the way the punches feel. My only gripe is hit detection, but that might be because I need to improve my stats more. Love this game.

MAJ0R2958d ago

hmm maybe I was wrong about this one, definitely going to give it a try

gluv652958d ago

Not just that these idiots don't have patience to put in the work to become a fighter. The game works and it works very well. Watch this video and see the true 1:1 tracking and watch the guy fight an opponent once he builds his character, it's oh so satisfying.

Simon_Brezhnev2958d ago

after watching that video i think im getting Move and Lights Out.

SIX2958d ago

It performs exactly like that. If you know how to box you will love it. One word of advice though. Make sure you have a perfectly clear background behind you. Like a white wall or else the head tracking won't work.The game isn't perfect but it's really good. Now I want EA's next Fight Night to use Move.

CrzyFooL2958d ago

No, I've played it, it sucks.

kornbeaner2958d ago

maybe you don't know how to fight? just a thought.

WutPleaze2958d ago

you're probably fat and hate moving. it's the only way this game would "suck". considering it's 1:1, which is EXACTLY what the Move advertises.

rdgneoz32958d ago

From what I heard (till I get the game probably next week), its 1:1 at first when you train, but then you need to improve your stats so that your accuracy goes up and so that its closer to 1:1 (you level up your characters stats, its not a pimped out accurate as hell and strong as hell character off the bat).

Biggest2958d ago

What sucks about this game (and any like it for that matter) is the act of fighting. It's impossible to have a motion controlled fighting game that can satisfy a gamer. Fighting SUCKS! It isn't quick. It isn't flashy. It's tiring and annoying. If they made a fighter to be realistic, not many people would enjoy it. If you've ever watched real boxing or MMA you should be familiar with fatigue ("He punched himself out). Quick, hard combos won't happen as much as a gamer would want them to. If you make it too realistic, it sucks. If you make it too arcadey, it sucks. No real chance of winning.

spunnups2958d ago

Will be a game I'll prob rent once I get the Move. I've had it on my radar for awhile and I dont see myself completely dissing it because of bad reviews, sometimes u gotta judge for yourself.

soundslike2958d ago

ill probably pick it up when the price of move controllers go down. I loved that motion tracking boxing game in the arcades, I would spent all my money on it.

Simon_Brezhnev2958d ago

yeah it should some type of discount for 2 move controllers together or something

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