The Story in CoD: Black Ops Sucked.

Don't get me wrong.. The locations & settings you visit throughout the game as well as most of the epic scenes were amazing but, the story just made no sense whatsoever half of the time. The entire thing pretty much circulated around this nonsense about some random numbers being in some dude's head..

It's almost as if the story was simply put there as sort of an excuse to just get out there & shoot these mother f**kers.. which is understandable because it's a shooter but come on, at least make sure that the story makes some sort of sense to the player.

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SmokexFFx2951d ago

SPOILERS (sorta)
The Fightclub like twist was crazy awesome.

R2D22951d ago

World at War was not Oscar material.

Infinity Ward is/was the best of the bunch in the war story department.

Ducky2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

... IW made MW2 didn't they?

Anyways, I saw the twist coming midway in the game. It made the game quite creepy... whilst at the same time interesting because I wanted to know what exactly was going on.

The start of the story was mediocre, but things got intriguing after playing as Reznov.
Pacing was way too fast though... wish they added some downtime element in-between.

deafwing2951d ago

that will keep most people to the end and make a reasonable story but I think the point of the article is that it's not a big deal

deafwing2951d ago


the whole I'm my own worst devil was cool
but overall I wasn't blown away by the story

Steffl3r2950d ago

I really enjoyed it. The story was very engaging. I caught the twist early on but then it kept me guessing more and more.

showtimefolks2950d ago

but i havm't heard anything good about the story for black ops besides the fact its a little longer than mw series

gamers who play cod games are playing for online ad from what i understand that's where they packed enough content to last for a long time

i would still like to play a FPS which has a great story not just big moments and go here shoot this crap, give the gamers some option in directing the story with choices and yes i want that in a FPS

wedgie2950d ago

Bioshock 1 would be the recommendation then

deafwing2950d ago

yet about bioshock (like you know the ending) I highly second that recommendation - rent that game and play it till you beat it.

felix882950d ago

Play System Shock 2 instead of pretentious crap like Bioshock

deafwing2950d ago

never limit yourself
I enjoyed system shock (well back when I played on pcs lol)

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eagle212950d ago

all these military shooters are stale as hell. :0

Bull5hifT2950d ago

I like in the vietnam part, how much longer till something crazy cool happenes, my friends force me to join them online, cause im the best they know, maybe its cause there like 30 trying to figure tha damn thing out and im 22..... .. BTW i hate that Hanoi level, its the only level i despise playing online, ... Im sorta in the middle of fallout NV and i feel bad i havent played with my Move, i only got 3and a half hours after work to play and like 7 hours every other weekend

NarooN2950d ago

Dunno who wrote this article but it "didn't make sense" because they were probably too busy trying to no-scope the A.I. or some stupid shit. The story was easy to follow if you paid attention, and it blows any previous CoD campaign out of the fucking water.

CoD1-3 were just generic WW2 action movies. CoD4 was a generic "zomg US Marines are badass and SAS are badass letz combine em yo and add in nukez n russianz dawg". WaW was just another WW2 action movie but at least it had cool characters. MW2 was yet another action movie, except this time it was filled with tons of stupid plot holes, almost every character in the game got killed (often not long after they get introduced) and the story was just poorly-written.

To say that somehow Black Ops, essentially a psychological thriller action game, is *worse* than any of those is just some proto-IW-nutrider bullshit. I don't even care much for Black Ops but the story was damn good. Those plot-twists were just epic.

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Merivigian2951d ago

The story, in my opinion, was really really great. In fact out of Fable III, Force Unleashed 2, and Black Ops (being the most recent that I have beaten) I would rather play Black ops again just for the story.

MariaHelFutura2951d ago

Peter Molyneaux`s cheek is red as hell.

Gam3s4lif32951d ago

The story/campaign was average and confusing....but it is fun, still play it :D

ArchangelMike2951d ago

Once you get to the end of the game (actually about 3/4) the story becomes self explanatory. Even the 'fight club like twist' was obvious pretty early on.

The story IMO is actually much much better that MW2, and is on par with COD4!

Motorola2951d ago

I liked the BO story, very fun, like a never ending action sequence

StarScream4Ever2951d ago

What? I like the story. The ending pretty much sounds it off. *Spoiler alert*

Kennedy and Castro chillax at the end. :P

HOSe2951d ago

the fact is Treyarch could have released a game with no SP and it still would have sold the same amount of copies. minus a couple thousand. MAYBE

Merivigian2950d ago

If it were pure multiplayer then there would be no reason for me to buy it.. Idk about you but just like movies.. I buy them for the story not the special features.

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