Weekly Sales Analysis, 6 November 2010 - Kinect Debuts in America

"Kinect the controller free gaming add-on for the Xbox 360 launched in America this week. It sold 500,000 in its opening week. Sales continue to rise across the board as all hardware is up week on week. Eight games debuted in the top 50 with five of those games for Kinect. Overall software is up for Nintendo’s platforms week on week, while the other platforms have seen decreases..."

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EVILDEAD3602781d ago

*patiently waits for another Greenburg twitter*

MajestieBeast2781d ago

Hey one liar isnt better then the other.

hikayu2781d ago

mind i ask which troll is better ?

nah , they both should jump off a bridge or something .

AAACE52781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

I'm starting to think the sales for Kinect and Move won't be going too far!

Kinect is no longer in so called short supply, and I haven't heard people talk much about Move. My wife and kids want Kinect, but I won't pay $150 for it, so I will wait for the price to drop, or trade off some old crap to get one.

I'm starting to think Move will do better than Kinect because it is closely tied to play with a wii controller and consumers might buy into it more.

The main problem with both of them is console price! In the end, they both would have to do something to make people feel like they need to pick up these controllers. The graphics may look better and the control might be more precise, but the wii cost $200, and casuals might not care enough about gaming to justify paying $300+ for a console.

See, fair and unbiased! I don't really care much for either of them.

@M-Easy... So many Ps3 fanboys go to 360 articles, especially Kinect articles, so I guess they figured to just save them the trouble.

What would be more interesting is to see who is not here. That would prove they are a true fanboy who doesn't even check Ps3 news, but instead just attack 360 articles.

M-Easy2781d ago

Why is this in the PS3 section? REPORT!

DigitalAnalog2781d ago

It's probably best they should shut down their site. Ironically, the company they support the most is not returning any favors. In fact, it's quite the opposite, Greenburg spat at this guy's face.

But after seeing future's news, I noticed the headlines are not as "catchy" as before. I expect something like "Kinect sells 500,000 in North America".

Oh well. The butthurtedness from the site is showing.

-End statement

elmaton982781d ago

Just like I said in one of my comment before kinnect was going to sell like hot cakes but it will have the same destiny as the nintendo Wii ( gathering dust after a couples tries ) believe what I say. New technology but not the best for now anyway and Sony had this technology before M$.

ozstar2781d ago

Nintendo rejected it first, then Sony rejected it, now MS innovates with it (but its LESS accurate than anything else on the market, but who cares, right?).

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The real killer2781d ago

Please N4G, ban this crap!!!

Lord Gunchrote2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

People used to love this site a while ago. I'm on and off N4G so I'm lost and don't know when vgchartz was exposed...when?

T9X692781d ago

Greenburg posted on his Twitter that Vgchatz sales are laughable because they post shit with no proof, since then everyone hates VGchartz. There's some people that never liked it to begin with, but since that message was posted on Twitter, everyone seems to hate it now.

ozstar2781d ago


Yeah, no. People generally thought Greenburg was a crying baby for critisizing VGC for these numbers, especially because he was always fine with any other sales figures (estimates from VGC) favoring the 360.

MajestieBeast2781d ago

360 fanboys dont believe in it anymore since the greenturd said the numbers for kinect were fake cause even he knows they are lower.

ct032781d ago

If they were lower he'd take the free publicity and keep his mouth shut.

big_silky2781d ago

ok ban vgc.... but then i don't want to see a single effin article from some no name site about how the ps3 is biting at the 360s lead, etc.

what's good for the goose is good for the gander, sales talk is sales talk.

2781d ago
Silly gameAr2781d ago

Yeah If VGC doesn't get to do it no one should. It's not fair I tells ya.


hadouken0072781d ago

With all the kinect articles, we get's selling.

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