Player Affinity: Eve Online: Incursion Preview

Eve Online is a massively multiplayer online RPG, in which player controlled corporations and businesses fight and trade for dominance in a universe and economy driven entirely by players. The latest expansion, the 14th, Eve Online: Incursion includes an attack on EVE space by a rogue nation called the Sansha, in which players can join extra-corporate fleets to fight these NPC forces. Incursion changes include hardware and software upgrades and updates intended to improve performance, new implementations of the proprietary Carbon graphics engine, new ships and changed mechanics for older ships (Sansha Mothership, Fighter-bomber performance changes, Noctis Salvager), new loot, events, visuals and more streamlining for Planetary Interaction (The interface corporations can use to administrate captured planets).

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adrenaline2954d ago

If I was gonna try an MMO again, it would probably be a space one like this.