Call of Duty Boosters... Already. WTF?!

StrengthGamer: This video was submitted to us by one of our readers (no that is none of the StrengthGamer Staff commentating). However, I do agree with what this person has to say. The game has been out for retail purchase for less than 4 days, and this is already happening.

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MaxXAttaxX2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

If multiplayer is the most important thing in these games and it's always ruined like this, why don't devs focus more on single-player and co-op campaigns?

Fred-G-Sanford2951d ago

I hope the people doing this fall face-first into a steaming pile of dog shit (in front of their girlfriends).

Boosting ruined MW2.
Don't let it ruin Black Ops, Treyarch.

BiggCMan2951d ago

its a really good thing that they finally added theater mode. im sure it will give real evidence of cheaters now.

f7897902950d ago

I forgot about that. They don't stand a chance now.

visualb2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

I called 1 week...this is even faster than I expected...amazing =P

ugh....these people ruin a game's community , these are the people that ruinned MW2, and now they'll be ruinning COD:BO

unfortunately, the game alone is easily EXPLOITABLE, this, blame the devs above all.

saint_john_paul_ii2951d ago

well thats the good thing about video recording ability of black ops, you can catch these A**holes on the spot.

Nathaniel_Drake2951d ago

reminds of Uncharted 2's video mode. It helped identify the cheaters

Genecalypse2951d ago

Are you really surprised? What the hell did you expect?

PotatoClock2951d ago

Thats what sucks about leaderboards. Its too much of a "oooo I can get internet fame by being a douche and getting my douche friends to make bs games".

Your've got to have absolutely no life to spend hours doing stuff like that just to say, I'm number 1!

Too bad for them that everyone will forget their crappy names a week after their all banned.

im-12-years-old2951d ago

The people i knew that boosted (my lil bro and his friends) they do it for either emblems/challenges, guns, or camo

SixZeroFour2951d ago

i remember hearing something from a podcast or something where someone said something that made so much sense, it was that if you took away the leaderboards and stat tracking in games, then campers in shooters would go down significantly and ppl would start to have fun again rather than just play to boast about their "online multiplayer penis" aka the k/d ratio

PotatoClock2951d ago

They really should. I remember worrying about my K/D ratio in BF2142 so much, cause I wanted to get into a clan at that stage, that I didn't wanna play it because I was worried I'd get on a bad team and get was only once I stopped caring that I could jump on and just have innocent fun again :)

YoungKingDoran2951d ago

i agree. but i accidentally hit disagree. so here i am, righting my wrong giving you a comment <3

hesido2951d ago

I agree. Most fun I ever had with multiplayer was with BF1942, and things were not tracked.

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The story is too old to be commented.