Bobby Kotick on the business of Call of Duty: DLC, Treyarch, Infinity Ward

"You know, Call of Duty games probably represent more than 50% of the total Xbox Live traffic," Bobby Kotick told me when I asked him about Microsoft's recent $10 Xbox Live price hike. You see, Activision is tasked with monetizing an immensely popular online game through a traditional – and inflexible – system: a retail disc played in a video game console controlled by another company. And despite a constant refrain of Call of Duty subscription rumors, the only subscription you may pay to play it online isn't to Activision at all; it's to Microsoft

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DoomeDx2953d ago

I wish CoD games had unlockable characters. Including a Bobby Kotick model.

I would definatly play as him, invite all my friends in the match, and ask them to shoot me in the head 24/7.

ksense2953d ago

I would prolly miss that head shot too as i cannot stand looking at his shitty face and his ugly smile lol

DoomeDx2953d ago

Tactical advantage my friend!

Lightweight + Commando + Marathan + Bobby Kotick Model will piss alot of people off

GLoRyKnoT2953d ago

Hit his head all u want! He's always wearing his "Hair Helmet" :)

Brewski0072953d ago

That guy , on the title screen , with the two guns... Thats Bobby Kotick... Waiting in the darkness sitting on a big pile of money...
Oh and he WON'T Hesitate to shoot/knife you if you get closer than 6 feet.

DarkBlood2953d ago

lol you have no idea how deep i looked into what you said

"I would definatly play as him, invite all my friends in the match, and ask them to shoot me in the head 24/7. "

it must be that time of the month lol

ksense2953d ago

i hate this guy with a passion but he still made me fork over money to get black ops. friends forcing me to buy so i can play with them :(

DoomeDx2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Fun fact:

Gamer-parents, will never call their kid: 'Bobby'.

And i bought my game second-handed :)
So they wont have my money.

MGRogue20172953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

The guy is a total asshole.

... But, He is an excellent example of a well-bred business man, He makes alot of money for his company

SKUD2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Totally agree. I bet he wakes up every morning, looks in the mirror and says "there's a sucker born every minute. Lets go get them!".

Baka-akaB2953d ago

yep , wall street 2 missed an opportunity there .... gecko got nothing on kotick

SKUD2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Not much people care about the back story. They just want there instant gratification at any cost and no matter who gets screwed. There business model in a nut shell.

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The story is too old to be commented.