GameFocus: Just Dance 2 Review

GameFocus: "Just Dance 2, Ubisoft’s sequel to the very successful and popular Just Dance on the Wii, had me sweating and dancing to some current and classic hits over the last couple of days. The first two things that I’ve discovered are that one, I have actually enjoyed the genre, and two, I’m terribly out of shape. But enough about me, let’s get to the game. The basics are pretty simple and pretty predictable. Armed with your Wiimote, you’ll select your way to the Dance Section which is filled with various songs. Solo songs and duets fill the menu options from both modern pop such as K$sha’s Tik Tok, to the more time tested favorites like Elvis’ Viva Las Vegas. They each have different difficulty and sweat levels (which I’ll touch on in a bit), letting you have a nice variety to choose from that suits your tastes or try your hand at something off the wall like the Monster Mash!"

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