Fight Night Champion: First M Rated Title Ever from EA Sports

Fight Night Champion is set to be the first ever "M" Rated title from EA Sports. A few of the features in the game are detailed.

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topgun332957d ago

I am psyched for this gam. The graphics look sick, but I am wondering, if this is going to be compatible with the move motion controller?

blumatt2957d ago

Move support would get attract more buyers for the game.

pinksteak092957d ago

yeah they want MOVE support and so do i, quite getting your panties in a bunch because this topic is KINECT-LESS

Fishy Fingers2957d ago

Yeah look at them, all one of them.

Lightsaber2957d ago

The only idiot fanboy is you the disagrees are have nothing to do with kinect they have to do with the fact that all motion control is stupid

Consoldtobots2957d ago

I asked this question in the EA forums a couple months back and the response is that there is NO move support planned. I gave them my opinion on how stupid and shortsighted that is. My feeling is that even if move support was planned MS would have $$$omething to say about the matter.

jetlian2957d ago

they can speed up how fast ps3 can reckonize the punches it will be like lights out

Dark-Cloud2957d ago

i loved this game in the ps2, i hope this one turns good :)

TooTall192957d ago

I am also glad they are not afraid to put mature content in it. This will probably result in more detailed facial damage. I'm hoping for move controls.

Dark-Cloud2957d ago

but how they are going to make the gameplay wth move XD ..i wanna play a demo befor buying it ... i already have move :) it's good but it needs games ! >.< ..good games not normal games ...

nix2957d ago MkKdo

and that's how you play it.

yeracnivek712957d ago

...and Def Jam wasn't under the EA Sports label. Sometimes it helps to read. ;)

Canas20102957d ago

Fantastic news. I'm not sure if they can implement MOVE. How would you move around the ring without an analog stick?

TooTall192957d ago

you hold down the move button and tilt that controller in the direction you want to move.

blumatt2957d ago

it could use the Navigation controller and the Move.

Canas20102957d ago

Thanks for the info. I haven't picked up The Fight yet. May have to get this next week.

TooTall192956d ago

I have a feeling it will be patched later and the experience will improve dramatically.

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The story is too old to be commented.