Five Reasons To Buy A PlayStation 3 This Holiday Season (RunDLC)

We have to admit that PlayStation 3 looks mighty good this year. Not only has the console come down in price, but Sony and various third parties have also released some outstanding games that show off the machine’s graphics capabilities. Then you have PlayStation Move, which is sort of like the Wii remote, but more accurate and sexier. Bottom line, there are a plethora of reasons why snagging the console is a great idea, but here are the five most important.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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stonecold32953d ago

gt5 and the exlusives in 2011

Buff10442953d ago

More than one word, but I 100% agree with u!

Red_Orange_Juice2953d ago

#1 reason, you don't own one

nix2952d ago

it looked good 2 years back... but yeah FT5 FTW for now..

Agent-862953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

I'm primarily a PC gamer, but I picked a PS3 slim a year ago and the major reason I went with it is EXCLUSIVES. Most 360 exclusives are also on PC so I don't miss too many of those and others, like Halo, don't appeal to me (the Battlefield series are my favorite shooters). Also, I don't like the whole paying to play online thing that MS has going. The Wii is too "kiddie" for my tastes plus the SD resolution is a real turnoff (once you go HD, you can never go back). The PS3 is just a great complement to my PC gaming and I believe its the best combo possible. Really looking forward to GT5 and the great lineup for 2011.

Silver3602952d ago

But anyone reading this site should already have a PS3.

PR_FROM_OHIO2952d ago

I already own 2 PS3'S but im buying my son 1 for XMAS!!! Can't wait to see his face on XMAS!!!

IRetrouk2952d ago

im getting my son one too, lucky kids man.

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