IGN: Call of Duty: Black Ops -- When Did You Kick the Barrels?

IGN: "Millions have bought Call of Duty: Black Ops and we're guessing almost all of them got stuck at one specific part in the single-player campaign."

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Ace Killa 082953d ago

Let's say the 3rd time I died, saw my ally AI kick it down so I did also, only common sense wilk help u advance

gameraxis2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

after a while of cutting down viet kong u can go ahead of woods (out of the mg bunker) and he'll say "your right, no time for these slopes, lets go" soo the barrels are not even needed to progress.

BUT MY biggest glitch is kinda funny (minor SPOILER) when u take the role of "the ice cube" cia operative, its like a half plane direction, half on the ground mission... the dog comes outs, so i snapped his head i guess right at the same time it would have killed me, and when i stood up that messed the game all up, i had no gun to kill the ONE guy that's near the shed before u repel down. so i just ran way past him hoping the ai would kill him so we could advance, nothing, then i went to the rail where we're now supposed to repel, and sure enough, "bogey down" and even then i couldn't pick up his weapon, i think this is the first time the explosive tipped arrow is introduced... and no i couldn't melee, grenade NOTHING...

deafwing2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

... I have to admit the barrel thing was kind of stupid .. on veteran I didn't even notice until I died like 50 times that I had to kick it over and do a spark light move on it ... anyways whatever, I beat the game ...

I to found my own glitch/bug/whatever you call it ...

when you play Vokuta, just before Reznov tells you to use the harpoon, I had went back to the very beginning of this part and the entire game just started to run to a crawl. I know some of you are asking why I went back - well I was looking for intel items. This is just more proof that this game was rushed.

likedamaster2952d ago

One of many bugs. I ran into quite a few.

deafwing2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

users can deny it all they want - the game has bugs, and more so that the standard that most games do. So much that it is down right obvious.

HolyOrangeCows2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Black Ops is full of annoying inconsistencies like the barrels; Kick the barrels, shoot the little dot on the helicopter (b/c shooting it anywhere else would be silly...btw, so much for time supposedly being a factor according to character), you can't destroy the car driving straight towards you (even though you could noobtube all of the other cars), etc.....

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gaffyh2953d ago

me too, took a few tries until i saw the AI do it too.

RedDead2953d ago

Took me about 10 tries on Hardcore, I was pissed haha, I never found out about the Napalm barrels though. Grenade laucher, sprint to first checkpoint, after that it's not hard.

fossilfern2953d ago

that part of the game fucking irritated me! it took me ages to figure it out!

Anorexorcist2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

and a downgrade to Regular difficulty. I really thought it was just some sick joke on Treyarch's part to have an ENDLESS respawning wave of Vietcong's coming at you. Always position back in the same places! Always replacing their dead battle-buddy in the same position a mere 7 seconds after you had killed him. I...was...F'n...Pissed!

Up to that point, I was totally engaged in the SP campaign, and even after that point I still was, but the play testers at Treyarch must be masochistic, must be mere A-holes, and/or just didn't bother to point out that fault.

gamesmaster2952d ago

it literally took me about 60 tries on veteran until i realised what to do.... mainly because i never saw him kick a barrel since i was face down in the mud from getting torn to sh!t by the NVA. then it took me about 5 tries considering you're invincible kicking the thing and hopelessly vulnerable once you've fininshed the animation.

i wont lie, it got to me and i felt abit stupid afterwards, but hey is call of duty, its made to fustrate you.

likedamaster2952d ago

Annoyed me for like 30 minutes. I never did kick the barrels. I cleared the area without doing that.

40cal2952d ago

They tell you to kick the barrels over. It's part of the sound track.

Don't tell me IGN has no surround sound.

JLeVRT2952d ago

Yea, i saw my teammate kick one down, so after some fighting. I went up to it and found out that your supposed to use the barrel to light part of the trenches on fire (dont worry. No spoiler there)

Watkins2952d ago

Oh, is that how you were supposed to do it? I must be the only one that didn't figure that out. I thought my way down the hill along the left side, killing all vietcong and pushed my way through without using the barrels. Pretty hard even on normal, but it worked after a couple of tries. Haha.

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Highatus2953d ago

After my first death. I was using it for cover the first time till I realized it had the kick option by that time it was too late and I died. next try was the kicks.

dead_eye2953d ago

Fucking ages. Your lucky ace my ai partner decided not to do anything for about an hour of trying. Then out of know where he comes down and kicks one over. Don't see why a bullet wouldn't do anything

ChronoJoe2953d ago

My first playthrough was on vet so I wasn't comfortable to move around. Anyway I was confused as fuck, i shot them for ages, then I looked on gamefaqs and a guy said 'you need to press X on the barrels'.

Problem was I only saw one barrel by this point, and that was the one he kicked down. So I was trying to go down to that, and press X on it... *sigh*, after like 20 deaths attempting that I watched a video... understood and did it first try...

I was stupid, I guess... o_o but it wasn't very clear either...

mikepmcc2953d ago

Yeah, I was doing it on veteran too, and I spent about an hour on it before I finally looked it frustrating.

TheIneffableBob2953d ago

I never kicked the barrels.

I just ran into the trenches and the mission ended.

Ducky2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Yup. That's what I did.
... and made it past the level.

Had no clue there even were any barrels.

Tru_Ray2953d ago

I didn't realize that I had to kick the barrels. I just ran through kamikaze style until I got to the next checkpoint. This was the only point in the game where I got really frustrated after dying several times!

ChronoJoe2952d ago

Yah I hear you can do that. Not really an option on veteran though.

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